The September 2004 Edition of the Valley Patriot



Pages 1-20 (PDF)

Lead Story: Brooks "Marries" Same Sex Kids

Uncertainty Looms For Veterans Stadium

Editorial" No Child Left Behind is Working in Lawrence

Bush Funded Stem Cell Research

Valley Patriot of the Month:

Principal Sharkey: awrence High School Growing Stronger

Cassidy: Disabled Vets Fight Injuries, Red Tape

The Collector

Murano: he Science President?

Ormsby: he Key to Abortion & Stem Cell Ethics: Fetal Viability

Hanna's Education Corner
Hanna interviews Kathleen Kostan,
the new principal of the Thomson School

Dr. Ormsby: Mother, May I

Lawrence Charter Needs an "Or Else"

Lawrence Taxpayers Form Association

Lawrence Administrators Promoted

Officer Grissam Honored at National Police Memorial

Gallagher: es it IS About Oil

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Heroes & Bozos

Palermo Random Thoughts

Raise'em Right"

What the World Owes Lawrence, Massachusetts

Let Assault Weapons Ban Sunset

Tripp: Global Warming