Prior Columns by Former Haverhill Mayor Jim Rurak
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Dec. '06'

What About Schedule A

Nov. '06'

A Democrat's Dream Come True

Oct. '06'

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Sept. '06'

MCAS Scandal is a Disgrace

August '06'

For All You Homemakers

July '06'

The Council at its Best

June '06'

Should we Teach Intellignt Design?

May '06'

Court Cases, Not Contracts

April '06'

Ready, Set, Go Override!

Mar. '06'

What About Me?

Feb. '06'

Collsion in Haverhill

Jan. '06'



Dec '05'

Santa Claus

Nov '05'

Refractions on the Election

Oct '05'

How Open is Open

Sept. '05'

The Paper Mayor

August '05'

Some Thoughts About the Race

July '05'

John Michitson Stepping
Down is a Great Loss for Haverhill

April '05' Let's Be Creative

March '05' 

A House Divided Cannot Stand
and must be fixed

Feb '05'

Haverhill's Future

Jan. '05'

When National Security Hits Home

Nov. '04' Why I Voted for John Kerry