Prior Columns by Methuen Councilor Kathleen CoreyRahme.
Councilor Rahme is in her second term on the council, first being
elected in the central district and now as an at-large councilor
She is the founder of the Methuen Youth Corps and
also the host of "Call to Serve," Honoring our Veterans.
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Sept '07' Old Pilots & Bold Pilots

Aug. '07' Stepping Back in Time

July '07' Life as a City Councilor

June '07' Veteran's Day My Favorite Holiday

May. '07' Why I'm Supporting Barry Finegold for Congress

Apr. '07'

College Club of Gr. Lawrence

Mar. '07'

Your Community Television

Feb. '07'

Remember who we Are

Jan. '07'

GLobal Warming?


Dec. '06'

Methuen Ranger Band

Nov. '06'

An Old Fashioned Democrat Rally

Oct. '06'

Make a Difference, Volunteer

Sept. '06'

An Open Letter to the Gr. Lawrence Tech. School Board

August '06'

Junket-Gate at the Gr. Larence Tech

July '06'

Address to the American
Lebanese Awareness Association

June '06'

Methuen to Hire Disabilities Access Coordinator

May '06'

The Compressor Station

April '06'

A Day at the State House

March '06'

Stumped by Sump Pumps

Feb. '06'

The Audit

Jan. '06'

Moving Forward - The Pollard Years


Dec. '05'

Some Post Election Thoughts

Nov. '05'

Some (Post-Election) Random Thoughts

Oct. '05'

Neighborhood Associations

Sept. '05'

The Sheriff's Leadership Academy

August '05'


July '05'

What's a Few Hundred Feet, Anyway?

June '05'


May '05'

Join the Club!

April '05' The Methuen City Solicitor &
The Methuen Charter

Mar. '05' Everything You Wanted to Know
About Tax Exemptions But Were Afraid...

Feb, '05' The Good Old Days

Jan. '05' The Greatest Gift



Nov. '04'

Methuen Youth Corps