If the Shoe Fits!

So, Jody Liebowitz, Diane Huster, Mr. Ellen Moeser and Mark DiSalvo are all in a tither about being called "school nazis?"

Maybe they should take a look at their public behavior and question the validity of such label?

Last week, the North Andover school nazis (also known as the Diane Huster campaign group or "TUFF") turned their viscous personal attacks away from Wendy Wakeman and Jim Xenakis and made me their primary focus.

What does it mean to be the focus of the "TUFF" group in North Andover?

Well, here is a quick history: first they intimidated and threatened Selectman Wakeman saying she had no right to go on the Paying Attention! radio program because Wakeman criticized them for advocating more school spending yet ignoring how the money is spent.

Then they accused Wakeman of using the term "nazi," which she never did, and publicly admonished her for "appearing on the radio" to air her personal feelings about what is going on in the town.

When Wakeman refused to back down they actually requested that the town solicitor give a written ruling as to whether Wakeman has the "right" to say she is a "North Andover Selectman" when she is on the radio. Mrs. Liebowitz actually said at the selectman meeting that Wakeman had no right as a town official to air her peronal opinions on a radio show.

Just imagine what America would look like if these people had their way?

When they were told by Town Hall officials that it is unconstitutional to engage in censorship, these haters of free speech next contacted WCCM management demanding that I be taken off the air. Taken off the air? That is contrary to everything this country stands for. It is something oppressive, socialist and communist governments do.

They also contacted the parent company of WCCM and demanded the same, (with no satisfaction).

All this, because I expressed my opinion about their tactics of threatening and intimidating people in the community who oppose overrides and excessive school spending.

You see, the school nazis do not want people to question why the North Andover Schools get 65% of the Town budget yet, seven teachers have to share a light bulb for an overhead projector.

They don't want the public to shine the light of accountability on school spending because their only mission is to spend more of your money on schools to expand their political influence within the town.

So they manipulate public discussions away from accountability in school spending and focus primarily on attacking those who speak out. Attack the messenger and you silence the message, is their tactic and until recently it has worked.

I get letters on a weekly basis from people who are afraid to speak out about the waste in the North Andover schools. Parents call the radio show regularly and beg my producer to use a fake name when they go on the air so as not to be identified by Liebowitz, Huster and DiSalvo.

What is saddest of all is that their fears are legitimate.

The school nazis have gone after Dr. Chuck Ormsby, candidate for School Committee, making personal public attacks against him for daring to question school spending. Three weeks ago they stormed the board of selectman meeting hurling insults and attacks at Selectman Jim Xenakis because he dared to write a letter to the editor detailing the history of last years override debacle.

Last fall they signed a letter accusing a candidate for State Representative of "purposely putting children in harms way," saying she opposed a sprinkler system at the Bradstreet School.

Coincidentally, that candidate had a child at Bradstreet and never opposed putting in sprinklers. Truth is apparently not one of their virtues.

So you see, my friends, the standard operating practices of the so called "TUFF" group of school nazis is to assassinate the character of anyone who disagrees with their agenda of endless tax dollars going to schools with no accountability.

It is no different from the tactics used in Nazi Germany prior to World War II. Both groups silenced critics with threats, insults, intimidation, public humiliation and every under handed tactic available to them.

Yet, Huster and company object to being called school nazis?

Well, here's a little memo to the members of "TUFF" who engage in this type of behavior, particularly Liebowitz, Huster and DiSalvo:

If you are looking for a proper forum to address this issue have the guts to face me on the air and speak your peace. Don't threaten people, promote censorship and then cry that you are the victims of "uncivil tongue." Stop intimidating people who disagree with you, stop trying to hide the fact that you lied to the taxpayers last year when you said 47 teachers would be laid off if the override failed. (*the override failed and the finance committee balanced the town budget less than 24 hours later with NO layoffs)

And please, please Mrs. Liebowitz, do not insult the publics' intelligence by hiding behind your Jewish heritage and feigning outrage at being called a nazi. ("I am the mother of three Jewish Children in the school system" she told the North Andover Citizen, "I don't think the term nazi should be thrown around. I am offended," she said.)

Your pathetic attempt to paint me as an anti-Semite doesn't wash with my Jewish Girlfriend, my two Jewish children or my future in laws.

In fact, as a Jew, Mrs. Liebowitz, you should be offended. But not at me. You should be offended and ashamed that your group is engaging in the very type of behavior that the socialist nazi movement used to promote their own agenda before slaughtering millions of people.

You should be ashamed at the way you disgrace the ideals of free speech in America. And you should think very carefully about the example you are setting for your "three Jewish children."

Unlike you, I believe in the United States Constitution and everything it stands for. I believe in giving a voice to those who disagree with me. I have invited you all to appear on my program and dispute anything I or anyone else has ever said about you. Anyone who listens to Paying Attention! knows that for a fact. I believe in giving people AMPLE opportunity to get their message across, even if, no especially if I detest what they stand for. What a far cry from your ideology of bullying people into silence.

So I say, if the shoe fits wear it. I will continue to call you school nazis if you continue to act like them.

If you don't like being called school nazis, don't call other people names. If you don't like the credibility of your little group being threatened, don't threaten people who disagree with you. And if you don't want people to call you to task for lying about overrides and school budgets, just don't lie!

The good book says "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

It's good advice from an amazing prophet.

Maybe you should start practicing what you preach?

Because, I do not back down to tyrants and bullies!

And up until now, you have behaved like nazis!