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Oct. '08'

  Why Sarah Palin is Hated

Sept. '08'

  I was just thinking

May '08'

  Eulogy of Alex Farese

Jan '08'

  Should Mitt's Religion Matter

Mar '08'

  The Adademy Awards, what do they communicate?

Feb '07'

  The March For Life

Nov. '06'

  Is Michael J. Fox Right About Stem Cell Research?

August '06'

  Truth, Life & Politics

May '06'

  The Underlying Cause of Illegal Immigration

Mar. '06'

  Answering Children's Questions About God

Sept. '05'

  In Opposition to Gay marriage

Aug '05'   Morning After Pill is Abortion
and Must be Opposed

June '05'

  When it's Time to Play Ball,
an Anyone Beat Hillary?

February '05'

  What is Love?

Oct. '04'

The New Ethic...
Yes It is a Human Life ...BUT

Sept. '04'

The Science President?

Paul Murano teaches theology and philosophy at Assumption College
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