Prior Columns by Methuen Mayor Billy Manzi
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William Manzi is in his first year as Mayor of
Methuen he was elected last November and will
serve a two year term before
coming up for reelection

August '06' Mayor Manzi's Newsletter

June '06'

Mayor Manzi's Newletter

May '06'

Mayor Manzi's First Newsletter

Mar '06'

Mayor Manzi's State of the City Adress
Given to the Methuen Board of Trade

Jan '06'

Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi's Inaugural Address

Oct '05'

My Mayoral Agenda

May '05'


March '05' 

The Methuen Charter

Dec. '04'

Your Property Taxes in Methuen

Nov. '04'

Methuen Has Some Challenges Ahead

Oct. '04'

The 40B Conundrum

Aug. '04'

What Fiscal Crisis? Methuen's Budget Shows a Healthy State in Methuen

  State of the City address

  Councilor Manzi Answers Allegations in Rumbo