Methuen Council President, Bill Mazi's
Address to the People of Methuen

On behalf of the entire City Council I extend congratulations and best wishes to the new School Committee, and to Mayor Sharon Pollard.  

I also extend congratulations to Councilor Michael Hennessy, our new Vice Chairman, and outgoing Vice Chair Pat Uliano, and welcome our two new members, Ken Willette and Kathleen Corey-Rahme. I welcome back Councilors Mike Condon, Linda Campbell, Ken Henrick, and Matt Kraunelis, and thank them for honoring me with their votes tonight.    

Over the past four years Methuen has benefited from a government that has conducted its business with dignity, reason and passion.

Methuen's unique success in these difficult economic times has proven that a government committed in purpose and willing to go the extra mile to avoid rank partisanship can be a force for good in the community.  

As we look to the next two years we do know that there will be some difficult issues we must face. In order to overcome future obstacles we must, as government officials, continue to work together to do the people's business with wisdom, and with respect for differing viewpoints.

As a City one of our great strengths has been our sense of community, and we must continue to build on that.

The citizens of Methuen have partnered with government and sacrificed of themselves to achieve great results, and our government cannot succeed without that partnership continuing and growing.    

We recognize the critical importance of our relationship with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and will collectively work with Representative Broadhurst, Senator Baddour, and Representative L'Italien to produce the best results for our City. With great challenges ahead in the areas of education, public safety, economic development, and infrastructure, we need to combine our strengths to insure that in the future Methuen remains the great place to live that it is today. Thank you for taking the time to listen, and May God Bless the City of Methuen. 

Bill Manzi, City Council President