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    (October '08) Riverwalk Law Center to create 250 jobs in Lawrence
    (September '08) Eagle Tribune Cuts 52 Jobs - Tom Duggan
    (August '08) Jimenezez family has Tribune reporter thrown off military base - Tom Duggan

    (July '08) Lawrence Non-Profits own $427MIL
    (June '08)Methuen Muslims Speak Out by Tom Duggan
    (May '08) At age 31, breast cancer survivor inspires councilor by Paula Porten
    (April. '08) Police Investigate Middle School Death Threats by Tom Duggan

    (Mar. '08) Mayors compete to be Valley's "Biggest Loser" by Tom Duggan
    (Feb. '08) Sex assault lawsuit filed against local hospital by Tom Duggan
    (Jan. '08) City Settles lawsuit for $610K over computer porn by Tom Duggan


    (Dec. '07) WCAP RADIO expands to Methuen, Lawrence and Haverhill
by Tom Duggan

    (Nov. '07) Lawrence voters bounce five elected officials by Tom Duggan

    (Oct. '07) Erroneous Eagle~Tribune story costs Monarch $40M Tom Duggan

    (Sept '07) Ethics Charges Made Against Councilor DiMarca - Tom Duggan

    (Aug '07) Councilor CLEARED in Hand-Gun Incident - Tom Duggan

Remembering Viktor Frankl - Mark Palermo

    (July '07) Laboy: Race Politics is Ruining Lawrence Tom Duggan

    (June '07) N. Andover Selctman's Property Taxes Went Down in '07 - Paula Porten

    (May '07) Council President Drove Me From My Job - Tom Duggan

    (Apr 07) More Ethics Complaints Against Lawrence Councilor Marie Gosselin - Tom Duggan

    (Mar. 07)Educator Must Pay Back $25K in Missing Money - Paula Porten

    (Feb. 07) Methuen's Chief Joe Solomon Speaks Out - Tom Duggan

    (Jan. 07) Council President Called "Dangerous" - Tom Duggan


    (Jan.) 153 Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty in 2005

    (Feb.) SEX ED REFORM

    (Mar.) Support the Troops License Plates Are Here

Lawrence Uses Education Funds for INnauguration Party

    (April) "Harassed" Secretary Gets Workers Comp

>>>Union Head Sues Sullivan Brothers

    (May) Veterans Memorial To Open May 20

Giordano in Conflict of Interest

Street to be renamed for Pierre Raymond


    (July) Classroom Credit to Support Terrorism?

    (August) Councilor Opposes Home for Disabled Boy

    (September) Hanna Interviews Kerry Healey

    (October) 1,027 Valley Students Awarded Free College Tuition

    (November) Sex Assault Charges at TImony School

    (December) Free Cancer Screening Van Comes to Valley


    (Jan) Sex Drugs and Videos

H Y P O C R I S Y!
Lawrence City Council rejects Lawrence Applicant

Brito to Sue City of Lawrence

Six Principals for New Lawrence High

>>>>Property Auction a Big Success

Targeting and Racism
>>>>(Roger Twomey Interview)

In-State Tuition for on Illegal Aliens

Help for Rape Victims Lantigua Votes No

Carrero Accused of Being Deadbeat Dad

Parents To Lose Welfare When Kids Skip School

Eagle Tribune Workers Organize Union!

DNA Proves Carrero A Deadbeat Dad


Lawrence School Committee Bills Taxpayers For Fine Dining

IRS Tax Lien Could Doom $5 Mil Truell/Blakely Project

School Committee Trip Included Stay at Disney World-
Universal Studios

Chaos on the School Committee

Can you Hear me NOW?
>>>>School Committee Abuses Cell Phones

Land Grab at Veterans Stadium

Brooks "Marries" Same Sex Kids

Romney Endorses Marasco
>>>>For More Pictures of the event click HERE


Waste, Overruns & Mismanagement



All pictures and material are
(C) copyright,
Valley Patriot, Inc., 2008


All pictures and material are
(C) copyright, Valley Patriot, Inc., 2008

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