The June 2004 Edition of the Valley Patriot



Pages 1-20 (PDF)

Stories Posted Individually
Lead Story Chaos on the School Committee
Conte: DOE Wastes 2 Billion per Year
Paying Attention: Reyes Brings Much Needed Perspective
on Lawrence's Housing Problem
Andy Card Campaigns with Maria Marasco
Tom Duggan's Notebook
Valley Patriot of the Month
Rich Burke: If D-Day Were Today
Greater Lawrence Tech Honors Ed Coakley
Sue Tucker's Vet Bill Goes to Governor's Desk
Palermo Random Thoughts, By Professor Mark Palermo
Tripp: Town Meeting Must Be Reformed
Hanna: Kids Corner
Hero Marine Receives Navy Cross
Editorial: Fight Terrorists in Iraq -- On Our Terms
OR In America -- On Their Terms  

North Andover High Principal Report
Blamed for accretidation Warning

Student Thieves Return Stolen Signs,
Hope Street Talent Show A WInner for ALL
Dr. Ormsby: unding Government Without Theft
Frank Hess: Common Sense School Reform
Heroes & Bozos
Fatherhood Coalition at Earthfest
Pleshaw: 60's FLashback, A Real Bummer
A Lawrence Hero Honored
Museum of Science Exhibit Joins the 2ND
Transportation Services Are Available for Area's Eldery
Cassidy: Yes I’m a Senior C i t i z e n !