The July 2004 Edition of the Valley Patriot



Pages 1-16 (PDF)

Lead Story: Can you Hear me NOW?
To Kerry: Why Not a $20/HourMinimum Wage?
Romney Building GOP Force
Valley Patriot of the Month
Tom Duggan's Notebook
Book Keepers Corner
Tribute to Ronald Reagan
Lech Walesa
Heroes & Bozos
My Apology to the Arab World
Diane Huster Comes Unhinged
Some People Never Learn

Feeding Assistants in Nursing Homes:
A Good Thing?

Valley Patriot Letter to the Editor
Arab Puppets at the UN
Random Thoughts
Freedom's Laboratory
SO, We're Hated" by Dennis Prager
Cutting Income Taxes to 5%"
Treasurer Cahill Plays Politics
with the Economy,
Reagan, Communism and Social Ideals
Mentor Program Honors Hard-Working
Team At Lawrence Tech
Senior Moments with Jim Cassidy