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The REAL Causative Factors in Dom Cinelli's Violence,
(Paying Attention! with Tom Duggan)
Politicians, Parole Board members, Judges and others, all with their good intentions and theories of the “causative factors” that “MAKE” people commit crimes… really believe that if they just mitigate those “causative factors” violent people will be cured of their lust for robbery, rape and murder... These do-gooders honestly believe that those who commit violent crimes and put their own impulsive wants ahead of the lives, needs and rights of others, can be conditioned with twelve step programs and long term “positive programming” to be productive members of society.

State Senators Request Moratorium on Parole Board Hearings
Senators today sent a letter to the Parole Board today asking for an immediate moratorium on any further hearings conducted by the board until after the Governor’s ordered investigation into the early-release decision of Dominic Cinelli which resulted in the tragic death of Officer John Macguire is complete and thoroughly reviewed by the legislature, the Governor, victim's advocates, and law enforcement.

Senator Tarr’s statement on Parole Board reforms
Friday, January 14, 2011

Tom Duggan's Paying Attention Returns to the Airwaves Wednesday Nights
Valley Patriot president and founder Tom Duggan announced yesterday on his Facebook page that the Paying Attention! Radio Program, has been picked up by WHAV radio in Haverhill and will air on Wednesday nights from 6-9PM (beginning tomorrow). The show will be broadcast on 1640AM radio as well as live internet streaming on Duggan said last night that the three hour talk show featuring local politics, celebrities, news, opinion and analysis will not change its’ format in any way. “It’s the same show just on a different station,” Duggan said...

Tom Duggan reveals the reasons Paying Attention was Canceled by WCAP
Lowell Blogger Gerry Nutter finally got Tom Duggan, owner of The Valley Patriot to discuss why his show was canceled on WCAP an Duggan let it ALL hang out!

Police Fatalities Rise in 2010
Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Officer Down Memorial Page: Honoring Woburn Officer Jack Mcguire
Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cop Killer Dominic Cinelli Parole Report by Deval Patrick's Administration
Read how out of touch the parole board is as they talk about the "causative factors" for his criminal activity and detail his violence, then explaining how he got his GED and is no longer a danger to society!

Talk radio station charging Massachusetts politicians for interviews

Alleged cop killer had long record of violence
Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Senator Steve Baddour Defends Tea Party, Encourages Dems to Embrace Movemnet

Joe Solomon returns as Police Chief of Methuen : Here's a Reminder of the Valley Patriot's headline in AUGUST!

Video of Scott Brown honoring Gold Star Mothers in North Andover

Photos of Senator Scott Brown honoring Gold Star Mothers in North Andover

Valley Patriot Debate Senate Candidates

Cahill Calls for an Independent Third Party Audit of Lawrence Finances
Posted: by Tom Duggan, The Valley Patriot, (08-22-10 )
Candidate for Governor and State Treasurer Tim Cahill promised the taxpayers on the Paying Attention! radio program last week that he would call for an investigation and an audit of Mayor Lantigua's spending of the $35 million he borrowed to balance the city budget....
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