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Dr. Ormsby retired in 2003 after a 30-year career in the national defense, national intelligence, and computer systems engineering arenas. The first 25 years of his career was spent at The Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC) where he was Director of the Sensor Technology and the Embedded Digital Systems Divisions and a corporate vice president. His work at TASC spanned the areas of precision guidance systems, advanced radar and infrared sensors, weapon systems design, and image processing. He is a co-holder of a U. S. patent on image compression. During the final five years of his professional career, he was Vice President of Technology Research at Anacomp and was responsible for architecting a massively-scaled, high-availability, web-based document archive system for mission critical commercial applications.Dr. Ormsby has his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT and his B.S. in Engineering Physics from Cornell University. He is a two-term member of the North Andover School Committee, an Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, a co-founder of the North Andover Taxpayers Association, and a co-founder/columnist/treasurer of The Valley Patriot. He is an active instrument-rated pilot and, when time and the weather permits, he flies out of the Lawrence Airport.You can contact Dr. Ormsby via email at:


December '11

Thre is no Goverment Santa Clause

November '11

Major Scientific Breakthrough!!
New Human Subspecies Identified: Homo Occupaduses

October '11

Parents of Public School Children Beware!
Transformative Education, A Looming Disaster

September '11

Our Economic Decrepitude: What Would The Doctor Do?
How to Achieve a 4% to 5% Unemployment Rate Within 12 Months

August '11

The Parasitic Left Says “FEED ME!”
“There will be no bargain, young Jedi. I shall enjoy watching you die.”

July '11


June '11

Is Obama Intentionally Seeking to Destroy America?

May '11


April '11


March '11


February '11


January '11



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November '09


October '09


September '09


August '09


July '09


June '09


May '09


April '09


March '09


February '09


January '09



December '08

November '08

Liberty ... a lost concept Thinking Outside the Box

October '08

It's your money ... end the state income tax

September '08

Can America survive an Obama presidency?

August. '08'

Fantasyland Politics

July. '08'

Impotent and knee deep in mud

June. '08'

Slouching towards fascims

May. '08'

Pigging out on your money

April. '08'

Are you a conservative?
Can you pass the conservatice litmus test? part II

Mar. '08'

Are You a conservative

Feb. '08'


Jan. '08'


Dec. '07'

The Looming Energy Debacle

Nov. '07'

A candid (?) interview with Hillary Clinton

Oct. '07'

Fighting with both hands tied

Sept. '07'

Pro-Override Group’s Embarrassing
Obfuscation: An Admission of Guilt

August '07'

Is It Time To End Prohibition Against
Pre-emptive Nuclear Strikes?

July '07'


June '07'

Alice in Wonderland Economics

May '07'

Just Pay Up and Shut Up

Apr. '07'

If you Liked Fuzzy Math you Will LOVE Inquiry Based Science

Mar. '07'

Legislation Filed to Save Our Community

Feb. '07'

Predicting your Child's Academic Sucess

Jan. '07'

An Open Letter to the President of Iran


Dec. '06'

We Are All on the Dole

Nov. '06'

Arguments in Support of NEASC
Accreditation Criteria Fall Short

Oct. '06'

Government Ineptitude

Sept. '06'

The War on Terror... A Game??

August '06'

What Were They Thinking?

July '06'

The Parasitic Urge

June '06'

Specious Education

May '06'

Schools to Parents: We'll Take Care of Everything

April '06'

Rights... Do We have Any?

Mar '06'

Animal Farm

Feb '06'

The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Jan '06'

Education Stamps


Dec '05'

Wet My Beak

Nov '05'

Wanted: Dead or Alive: Despots,
Dictators & Other Tyrants

Oct '05'

Gouging, Greed and Hypocrisy

Sept '05'

Supreme Court Not Supreme Rulers

 August '05' Heaven on Earth


July '05

Beware Consensus Beliefs

June '05' Government Run Amok Tasting
its Own Medicine

May '05' Tribal Warfare

April '05' Limit Democracy Now

March '05'

Suppressing Freedom Of Speech
Doesn’t Cure Insanity

Feb '05'

Social Security:The Big Lie

Jan '05'

It's Insane!

Dec. '04'

The United Nations -United for What?

'Nov. 04'

A Nation Divided into Thirds

Oct. '04' John Kerry's Dilemma

Sept '04'

Mother, May I

The Key to Abortion and Stem
Cell Ethics: Fetal Viability

  N. Andover School Committeeman
Dr. Chuck Ormsby's
Progress Report: 15 months Later

Aug. '05'


July '04' Freedom's Laboratory

June '04' Funding Government Without Theft

May '04'

The Nature and Origin of Rights

April '04'

The Right to Bear Arms Infringed
in Massachusetts

MArch '04'

The Havoc Wrought by Modern Math


Specious Education


Liberty -- A Lost Concept?


Resolving Common Education Policy
Issues Through Increased Choice


Dr. Chuck's Notebook;
A Six Months Progress Report!


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