Senior Moments
with Jim Cassidy
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Sept. '06'

  National Anthem Celebrates 75th Anniversary

August '06

  How Patriotic Are We?

July '06

  Beacon of Hope

June '06

  Tribute to a Special Lady

May '06

  Octogenarian Rumbles

April '06'

  Protect Our Flag

Mar '06'

  The Iwo Jima Statue “They Were Just Boys”  

Feb '06'

  Yellow Roses and Friendship

Jan '06'

  A Tribute to the American Soldier



Dec '05'   A Rose for Christmas

Nov. '05'

  A Tribute to the Greatest Generation

Oct. '05'

  Protesters vs. Patriotism

Sept. '05'

  New England vs. Texas

Aug. '05'

  Staying Cool - Remember When?

July '05'

  An Independence Day Thought:
"Rally Around the Flag Boys"

June '05'

  The Death of Mr. Common Sense

May '05'

  Memories, Mothers & Boy Scouts

April '05' 


Many Are Called but Few Continue to Answer

March '05'   Moving Day

Feb '05'

Philosophy of Life

Jan. '05'

It's The Little Things That Count

Dec. '04'

Senior Moments - Grandpa's Aquarium

Nov. '04'

God Bless America
Veterans Day Remembrance

OCT. '04'

The Good Old Days



Sept. '04'

Disabled Vets Fight Injuries, Red Tape

Aug. '04'
World War II Memorial Omission

July '04'
A Tribute to the Greatest Generation

June '04'

Yes I’m a Senior C i t i z e n !

May. '04'

It's MAY!

April '04'

Spring is HERE

Mar. '04'
We Are not Alone