2004 Valley Patriot Archives

2005 Valley Patriot Archive

December 2004


Waste, Overruns & Mismanagement
Paula Porten & Tom Duggan
Memo from George Collins on faulty Bricks
Letter from Vermont Brick concerning
faulty Bricks in Lawrence High
Memo from George Collins 09/04
memo from george Collins 10/04

Tribune Reports on Faulty
Bricks at Lawrence High
(never mentioning that The Valley Patriot Broke the story)
I expect that Mayor Sullivan will be sending emails
to all elected officials saying that the EAGLE TRIBUNE

Rep. L'Italien, Stop Using the Church

Valley Patriot of the Month
George Henderson

Your Property Taxes in Methuen
Methuen City Council President Billy Manzi

Call To Serve
Kathleen Corey Rahme

Heroes & Bozos
Paula Porten

Random Thoughts
Mark Palermo

Senior Moments - Grandpa's Aquarium
Jim Cassidy

  Mike Sullivan's Hysterical Email to All Elected Officials
Notice how he attacks the reporting as "scandalous"
but does not dispute any of the facts in our story!
FHS project off to rocky start

When National Security Hits Home
Jim Rurak, Former Mayor of Haverhill

The United Nations - United for What?
Dr. Charles Ormsby

North Andover Selectmen Vote for Tax Equity
North Andover Selectmen Wedy Wakeman

The Grinch who stoleChristmas is Real
Tom Duggan

The Best bang for your Buck?
Lawrence Council President, Pat Blanchette

An Interview with Haverhill School
Committeeman Scott Wood

by Hanna

Raise "em Right
Barbara Peary

In the Augustinian Tradition
Caroline Whalen

A Dream Deferred
Hartley Pleshaw

November 2004


Page 1

GLTS Dedicates New Science & Technology Center
Tom Duggan
L'Italien's Attack on the Catholic Church
Tom Duggan

Thinking Outside the Box!
A Nation Divided into Thirds -
Dr. Charles Ormsby

An Interview with Methuen Mayor Sharon Pollard
By Hanna, Age 10

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Republicans Must Stand & Deliver


Educational Leadership Begins With Us
Ed McGuire

Senior Moments God Bless America
Jim Cassidy

  The Most Powerful Free-Market
Winds Are Blowing from the East

By Hans Labohm, former Prime Minister of Estonia

Some People Never Learn
Tom Duggan

Raise 'em Right
Barbara Perry On Raising Kids

Book Keepers Corner
Dr. Chuck Ormsby

New Faces at the Haverhill Senior Center
Tom Duggan

Methuen Youth Corps
Kathleen Corey Rahme, Methuen City Councilor

One Happy Republican
Paula Porten

Why I Voted for John Kerry
Jim Rurak, Former Haverhill Mayor

Methuen Has Some Challenges Ahead
Bill Manzi

Mara’s Apartment on the Piazza Navona
Hartley Pleshaw  

October 2004


Romney Endorses Marasco
For More Pictures of the event click HERE

Raise Em Right!
Barbara Peary, -On Raising Children

Let's Privatize School Janitors
Haverhill School Committee Member Scott Wood

Police Memorial Vandalized
Tom Duggan


It's JUST a News Story

Valley Patriot of the Month
Jack Fitzpatrick

20 Years of Honor and Remembrance
Craig Floyd President National Law
Enforcement memorial Find

Senior Moments with Jim Cassidy

Veterans Get High School Diploma

Barney Reilly

Proud and Tattered Flag Survived

  Senior Centers Open Your Doors!

John Kerry's Dilemma
Dr. Charles Ormsby

An Interview with Superintendent
Wilfredo Laboy
By Hanna, Age 10

Tom Duggan

The 40B Conundrum
Bill Manzi, President,
Methuen City Council

Who is in Charge of the
High School Project?
Patrick Blanchette, President,
Lawrence City Council

Liberal “Newspeak” & Teddy Roosevelt
Ralph Wilbur

The New Ethic...
Yes It is a Human Life ...BUT

Paul Murano

From Haverhill to China
Mark Palermo

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Remembering a Teacher
Hartley Plesahw

September 2004


Brooks "Marries" Same Sex Kids
Tom Duggan

Uncertainty Looms For Veterans Stadium
Tom Duggan

No Child Left Behind is Working in Lawrence

Bush Funded Stem Cell Research

Valley Patriot of the Month:
Ed "Hoppy" Curran

Lawrence High School Growing Stronger
By Lawrence High Principal Tom Sharkey

Disabled Vets Fight Injuries, Red Tape
Jim Cassidy, Commander, American Legion

The Collector
Glen Erardi

In Opposition to
Fetal Stem Cell Research

The Science President?
Paul Murano

In support of
Fetal Stem Cell Research

The Key to Abortion and
Stem Cell Ethics: Fetal Viability

Dr. Chuck Ormsby

Arab Guide to the 2004 Election
Steven Stalinsky

  Hanna's Education Corner
Hanna interviews Kathleen Kostan,
the new principal of the Thomson School

Mother, May I
Dr. Charles Ormsby

Lawrence Charter Needs an "Or Else"
Tom Duggan

Lawrence Taxpayers Form Association

Lawrence Administrators Promoted

Officer Grissam Honored at
National Police Memorial
By Craig Floyd
Chairman, National Law Enforcement Memorial

Yes it IS About Oil
Phil Gallagher

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Heroes & Bozos

Random Thoughts
Mark Palermo

Raise'em Right"
Barbara Peary

What the World Owes Lawrence, Massachusetts
Hartley Pleashaw

Let Assault Weapons Ban Sunset
Amber Pawlick

Global Warming
Ted Tripp

August 2004

Land Grab at Veterans Stadium
Tom Duggan

UN CONFIRMS: WMD's Smuggled Out of Iraq
Rod Martin (Valley Patriot)

Name Transportation Center
for Firefighter McGuire

Lantigua Crying Racism...Again!
Tom Duggan

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Correcting the record
on Israel & the Middle East
Profs. C. Zelman and Ethel Kamien

Help Emergency Officials Find Your Home
Tom Duggan

Michael Moore and the problem of
American (and Jewish) self-hatred

Valley Patriot Staff

Greater Lawrence Students Win Medals
The Valley Patriot Staff

World War II Memorial Omission
Senior Moments by Jim Cassidy

Lies and Moore Lies
Debunking Michael Moore's 911

Random Thoughts by Mark Palermo

Valley Patriot of the Month:
Walter Pomerleau

Book Keepers Corner

N.A. Knights of Columbus
Donate Needed Medical Lift
Tom Duggan

Heroes & Bozos
Paula Porten

  Ask the Collector
Glen Erardi

Thinking Outside the Box!
Dr. Charles Ormsby

Why the Democrats use 12-year-olds
Dennis Prager

"Raise'em Right"
Dr. Barbara Peary

What Fiscal Crisis? Methuen's Budget
Shows a Healthy State in Methuen
Bill Manzi, Methuen Council President

Foreign Allies
Thomas Sowell

Merrimack Valley School of Hair Design
Cutting Away to Success
Valley Patriot Staff

The First Big Thing
Hartley Pleshaw

Naked Partisans
Rod Paige, U.S. Secretary of Education

July 2004


Can you Hear me NOW?
Tom Duggan

To Kerry: Why Not a $20/HourMinimum Wage?

Romney Building GOP Force
Tom Duggan

Valley Patriot of the Month


Tom Duggan's Notebook

Book Keepers Corner

Tribute to Ronald Reagan
Lech Walesa
Reprinted with permission from
The Wall Street Journal

Heroes & Bozos
by Paula Porten

My Apology to the Arab World
Nationally Syndicated Columnist
Mike Adams

Diane Huster Comes Unhinged
Some People Never Learn

Paying Attention with Tom Duggan

Feeding Assistants in Nursing Homes:
A Good Thing?

Atty. David Hoey

  Valley Patriot Letter to the Editor

Arab Puppets at the UN
Ian Pinkus

Random Thoughts
Mark Palermo

Freedom's Laboratory
The Valley Patriot - Dr. Charles Ormsby

SO, We're Hated" by Dennis Prager
Dennis Prager

Cutting Income Taxes to 5%"
by Frank Conte of the Beacon Hill Institute

Treasurer Cahill Plays Politics
with the Economy,
Valley Patriot Senior Economist

Reagan, Communism and Social Ideals
by Hartley Pleshaw

Mentor Program Honors Hard-Working
Team At Lawrence Tech
Valley Patriot Staff

Senior Moments with Jim Cassidy

JUNE 2004

Chaos on the School Committee
Tom Duggan

DOE Wastes 2 Billion per Year
Frank Conte

Reyes Brings Much Needed Perspective
on Lawrence's Housing Problem
Paying Attention- Tom Duggan

Andy Card Campaigns with Maria Marasco

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Valley Patriot of the Month
Christine LeCaine

If D-Day Were Today
Rich Burke

Greater Lawrence Tech Honors Ed Coakley

Sue Tucker's Vet Bill Goes to Governor's Desk

Random Thoughts, By Professor Mark Palermo
Mark Palermo

Town Meeting Must Be Reformed
Ted Tripp

Kids Corner
By Hanna, Age 10

Hero Marine Receives Navy Cross
Submitted by: MCB Camp Pendleton
Story by Cpl. Jeremy Vought

  Fight Terrorists in Iraq -- On Our Terms
OR In America -- On Their Terms  


North Andover High Principal Report
Blamed for accretidation Warning

Tom Duggan

Student Thieves Return Stolen Signs,

Hope Street Talent Show A WInner for ALL

Funding Government Without Theft
Dr. Charles Ormsby

Common Sense School Reform
Fred Hess, Beacon Hill Institute
Special to The Valley Patriot

Heroes & Bozos
The Valley Patriot Staff

Fatherhood Coalition at Earthfest

60's FLashback, A Real Bummer
Hartley Pleshaw

A Lawrence Hero Honored
Tom Duggan

Museum of Science Exhibit Joins the 2ND

Transportation Services Are
Available for Area's Eldery

Barney Reilly

Yes I’m a Senior C i t i z e n !
Jim Cassidy

May 2004

School Committee Trip Included
Stay at Disney World/Universal Studios

Tom Duggan

5.5 Million Stadium Project To Begin in July
Tom Duggan

An Offer to Merrimack Valley Muslims
Valley Patriot Editorial Board

Valley Patriot Editorial
Valley Patriot Editorial Board

Right to Defend is not "NEWS"
Ian Pinkus, Valley Patriot Israeli Correspondent

Nobody's Perfect
Hartley Pleshaw

by Craig W. Floyd, Chairman
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Show Me the Money!
Paula Porten

Heroes and Bozos
Valley Patriot, From the Editors Notebook

Education Myths Debunked by
Real Life Examples
Tom Duggan

Understanding Women's Issues
Lawrence Councilor Nilka Alvarez

The Nature and Origin of Rights
The Valley Patriot - Dr. Charles Ormsby

It's MAY!
Jim Cassidy

What Happens to Tax Money in Haverhill
Mark Palermo

APRIL 2004

IRS Tax Lien Could Doom
$5 Mil Truell/Blakely Project

Tom Duggan
See enlarged picture of Tax Lien

Torture at the hands of the IRS

Does the National Resolve Exist to
Win the War Against Terrorism?
Ralph Wilbur - The Valley Patriot

School Committee is All Talk No Action
Tom Duggan

Election Rules Selectively Enforced
The Valley Patriot Staff

Senior Moments with Jim Cassidy

  Money is not the Answer-Choice IS!
Valley Patriot Guest Columnist
Robert Enlow

The North Andover School Committee
Selection:Secret Ballots Revealed
A joint committee combining the Board
of Selectmen and School Committee -
voted by secretballot (until now)
refusing to reveal to the public
who each member selected to replace
Darlene Torosian on the School
Committee. In the end, it really didn't
matter the only vote taken in public

Bill Kelly Speaks Out on the process

Random Thoughts
Mark Palermo

March 2004

Valley Patriot Exclusive!
Lawrence School Committee Bills
Taxpayers For Fine Dining

Tom Duggan

Let the Markets Dictate Insurance Rates

The Havoc Wrought by Modern Math
Dr. Charles Ormsby

Joe Smith v. Rosemary Smedile
for North Andover Selectman
Valley Patriot Staff

Defending the Boy Scouts
Harold Johnson

We Are not Alone
Jim Cassidy

Sullivan: “Absent All Auto Fraud,
Insurance Rates Won’t Go Down!”

Tom Duggan

Devers Has it Right -
More Speech is Always Better
Tom Duggan - (Paying Attention!)

Marasco Secures Big Name Support
Valley Patriot Staff

Rabbi Goldstein on "The Passion"
Rabbi Goldstein of Temple Emanuel in Andover


Valley Patriot Staff

Random Thoughts
Mark Palermo

Hanna's Kids Corner

Andover School Race:

Collins Seeks 3rd Term

Deso Opposes Overrides

Silberstein Seeks Write-In's