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On City, One Strong City
Patrick Blanchette, Lawrence City Council President

Another election has been completed in the historic city of Lawrence.  The voters of Lawrence once again have spoken and those elected will be asked once again to deliver.  Voters of Lawrence were not discouraged by the last minute efforts to obstruct our democracy, which allows all of us the sacred right to vote. 

The results have been counted and the transition now begins to work towards progress for our great city. 

The team has been chosen by the very people we represent and let us not forget that awesome responsibility.  As I look forward to the team I will be so fortunate to work with over the next two years, I see promise. 

Chosen throughout the district races, I see neighborhood activists, family-oriented individuals, proven experience, new talent and ideas - along with a passion for our city.  Looking at the city-at-large, I see experience, veteran faces and years of service to this community.

 Together I see a recipe for success.  Though our tastes may differ, we all hunger for the same thing and that is to move the city forward.  On January 3rd we will all take the oath of office and roll up our sleeves to get the work done.

As former President Lyndon Johnson once stated, “there are few things we can accomplish by working alone, but by working together there is nothing that we can’t accomplish.”  

By working together we have the opportunity to reach new heights over the next two years towards a better Lawrence. So many great capital improvement plans will be completed over the next year and it’s our job to continue to keep the shovels in the ground as we work to promote new projects in our city. 

Folks, it is often said that our society will never be great unless our cities are vibrant places to live.  Well, I’m happy to say that the voters spoke on November 8th and great things in our city are about to happen.  Lawrence is one city, a strong city.

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