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MooBella, Fresh Ice Cream Made to Order
Tom Duggan

When the staff of The Valley Patriot attended a fundraiser recently for Esperanza Academy, we came upon a new innovation from right here in Massachusetts.: a vending machine that dispenses fresh, made-to-order ice cream from a company named MooBella.

MooBella President Bruce Ginsburg says that MooBella is not currently available to the general public, and he is still looking for investors to expand the business. The company has hundreds of prototype machines on college campuses and, Ginsburg says, so far it has been a big success.

“Students, alumni, teachers, and administrators on college campuses really seem to be enjoying our ice cream, and we are selling a lot of it,” he said.

“But MooBella is not just for college campuses,” Ginsburg continued. “We firmly believe that MooBella     will be set up in cafeterias and hospitals, large employee-based companies, airports, and coffee shops like a Starbucks or even a Dunkin Donuts, in the very near future.”

“Basically, we are looking to create a category of new, fresh-made ice cream. Ice cream that you buy in a store today is made 6-8 months prior to the consumer tasting it. That ice cream experiences heat shock when it’s being transferred to different freezer environments with different temperatures. We make our ice cream fresh to order, so we think people will get a better flavor out of that freshness.  We believe that is what consumers want: availability, quality, freshness and choice.”

MooBella also serves frozen yogurt with different mixes for a variety of different flavors.

“We plan to place 200 machines in New England by the end of 2007. In order to do that, we are raising capital to purchase machines and expand the services to the public. We also have inquiries and active discussions around the world to launch MooBella elsewhere. For example, we have parties in the Far East, Hawaii, Canada, France, Australia, Zaire, etc.”

MooBella is located in Taunton, Massachusetts. The company assembles its technology in Worcester, creates the flavorings in Brockton, and designs the software in Concord.

MooBella is currently looking for partners in Massachusetts or based elsewhere in New England.

“Our deliberate strategy is to be centrally located, create jobs and be able to provide all the services within a very short drive from our main offices.”

MooBella has a team of ice cream experts and world-class engineers committed to innovating ice cream and changing it forever. Each team member has a passion for ice cream. MooBella is the brainchild of people using new technologies to create a high quality ice cream experience in places where it simply would not have been possible before.

Simply stated, MooBella is where taste meets technology. The MooBella team has created a patented, fully automated ice cream process that will change ice cream forever. Fresh ice cream, on the spot, made to order. Smooth texture, fresh flavors, great mixings. MooBella blends taste with technology to create an amazing ice cream experience for all the ice cream lovers out there with the very highest standards.

YOu can visit MooBella at

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