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Say No to the UN Global Tax
DJ Deeb

The United Nations, as constructed after World War II, has been a failure for the most part. It is nothing more than a bloated government bureaucracy that incorporates the fail-ed vision of global socialism. Currently, leaders of the United Nations are attempting to institute a global tax to force the “citizens of the world” to pay for this global menace.

The United States pays nearly 50 percent of the costs associated with the United Nations budget, but this is not good enough for the “global cop” agency that wants more revenue to pay for an international army and global [gun-grabbing] law-enforcement agencies.  This is precisely what the one-world socialists envisioned when they created the United Nations in 1945.  Let’s not forget Alger Hiss, the Soviet communist spy who played the most instrumental role in the agency’s founding. 

Although there have been a number of proposals floating for decades to impose a global tax, the plan that has gained the most recent support in the U.N. has been a plan to im-pose a new tax on gasoline of up to 1%.  This demonstrates just how out of touch these global fat cats are with reality.  We are paying enough at the pumps.  Besides the obvious problems associated with collecting this tax, this plan would undermine our national sovereignty and create another layer of bureaucracy that we do not need.

To paraphrase our first president, George Washington, government is at best a necessary evil.  As such, govern-ment at all levels should be limited to doing only those es-sential functions that people cannot do themselves or the private sector cannot do better.  The last thing we need is another layer of [global] government at the United Nations.

The United Nations has been largely ineffective at pre-venting or stopping conflicts over the last 60 years.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Korean conflict, Vietnam conflict, Cuban missile crisis, Lebanese civil war, Soviet-Afghan war, Iran-Iraq War, Darfur massacre, etc., etc.  This is not because the U.N. is not strong enough, as some liberals would suggest, but because government by its nature is ineffective and wasteful.  The same holds true for the United Nations.  It is one thing to encourage repre-sentatives from independent countries to engage in dialogue to solve problems creatively.  This is certainly a noble goal that should be supported. However, empowering the United Nations to become another layer of government bureaucracy supported by taxes on citizens should be strongly opposed.

Government programs and expansion are the worst cure for almost any disease.  This principle applies clearly when considering actions that would strengthen the U.N. as a global government.  The United Nations needs to be scaled back and reformed from the top down.  If anything, the Uni-ted States Congress should carefully consider reducing its contributions to the United Nations.  Any effort to impose a global tax on “citizens of the world” should meet fierce opposition by America’s leaders in Washington, D.C.

D.J. Deeb is an adjunct Professor of History and Government at Bunker Hill Community College and Northern Essex Community College.  He teaches Social Studies full-time at Reading Memorial High School.  He is an elected member of the Dracut School Committee and Greater Lowell regional Vocational-Technical School Committee.

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