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Help is on the Way
Lawrene City Council President Patrick Blanchette

Once again another election year is upon us.  Once again the voters of Lawrence will be asked to go to the polls and choose the “politicos” that are best for the job at hand. The job at hand seems like it is often too grand to define, too demanding to accomplish, but yet it’s a job that needs to be done. 

The job before the candidates will be to earn the trust of the voters.  The job of the voters will be to trust those who should be trusted. The task before each candidate will be challenging as the voters of Lawrence demand the best and deserve nothing less. 

The responsibility of the voters will be very important, as placing your trust in someone is often easier said than done. 

The voters ought to evaluate each candidate; the voters must critique; the voters should listen; the voters have to watch; and in the end the voters will know whom to entrust with the job at hand. 

This upcoming election year will bring change at the City Council level, School Committee and perhaps even in the prestigious corner office of City Hall.  The year will be one that moves the city forward for the next decade or will bring us back to the good-old-boy politics of old.  

The people of Lawrence deserve more than the status quo.  The people of Lawrence deserve to know when the glass is half empty just as they deserve to celebrate when the glass is half full.  The people of Lawrence deserve a government that is open to all people of Lawrence rather than the exclusive City Hall regime that currently exists. The people of Lawrence deserve to have someone fighting for them rather than an organization that fights against them.  The people of Lawrence deserve a voice that truly represents them. 

The people want leadership and they deserve nothing less. 

Remember, my fellow citizens, a fight is not won in the first few rounds. It requires us to go the distance before we can declare: we are “winning the fight.”  The fight will only be won when our leaders put Lawrence first or better yet, when our leaders fight for Lawrence people! 

Rest easy, as this election season will confirm that help is on the way for Lawrence and when the final bell rings, the fight will be won!

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