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Why Massachusetts Needs Kevin Scott
DJ Beauregard, Methuen High School

Kevin who? That seems to be the question when people hear that Kevin P. Scott is running to unseat U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy in 2006. Scott, a former Wakefield selectman and small business owner, is not your typical Republican senatorial candidate. He is against abortion in the second and third trimesters, supports parental notification of abortions, against the death penalty, and was originally opposed to the concept of going to war with Iraq.  He will fight any effort to take God out of our Pledge of Allegiance.

Kevin says that if he is elected to the U.S. Senate he “will not take an oath to his party, but to the Constitution and the best interests of the American people.”

That statement says a lot. Common sense is probably the main subject of his campaign message. “I feel that the best car in the world should be made in the United States, and it should be incredibly fuel efficient”. Who could disagree with that statement?” Enough said.

Unlike Senator Kennedy, Kevin Scott can connect with us – the average, working class of America.  His middle-class roots are evident. 

He grew up in Wakefield, Massachusetts.  He is the son of a power company lineman who worked his way through the ranks to become Superintendent and a respected Selectman.  His mother was a school teacher.  Being the fifth of six children, Kevin often says “we didn’t have as much as some kids materially, but we were taught the value of good manners, helping your neighbor, and hard work”.

Scott impresses me because of his premise that Washington is constantly passing incomprehensible legislation. At an event recently, he stated: “Washington has recently passed a string of new legislation such as the new Medicaid plan and No Child Left Behind (that nobody understands), and we need to stop doing this to the American people.” When it comes to our dependence on foreign oil, Kevin stated: “We must decrease our use of foreign oil, especially from places like Middle East, because it is a known fact that much of this money goes to unstable governments that often are not friends to the United States. 

When it comes to this issue, we must stop being lazy and get down to work.” He likes to think of himself as a “maverick,” in the mold of current Senators John McCain and Chuck Hagel.

He parts with Republicans on a very important and controversial issue: Iraq.

“The war on terrorism is an important issue to us all.  I am not ashamed to admit that I did not originally support the War on Iraq in it’s current form.  We need partners to win this war. The number one priority now should be enabling the Iraqi military so that they can facilitate peace in their own country.  Terrorism is a common enemy to us all, and fighting their activities is in the best interest of our country, the nations of Europe, Russia, and the free nations of the Middle East.  We cannot ‘go into it alone.’  We need to work together, we need friends.”

Kevin firmly believes that difference in political ideology between countries is fine, but when it comes to the war on terror, we should all work together as one. Whether you agree with that or not, it makes sense. Interestingly, it seems as if almost everything Kevin Scott says makes sense.

After all is said and done, the question will be, “Can Kevin Scott beat Ted Kennedy?” In my humble opinion, yes, he can. Senator Kennedy will clearly have the most money in this race, but Kevin Scott will have the most support and the most votes because he has the energy, the enthusiasm, the drive, the dedication, and the common sense ideology that Kennedy lacks.

For more information about Kevin’s campaign to change the sour tone in Washington, D.C., visit www.MassForScott.com.   D.J. Beauregard is The Valley Patriot's Methuen reporter. He was the campaign manager for Councilor Kathleen Corey Rahme's successful run for at-large City Council. If you have a news tip in Methuen,   you can email him at methuendj@aol.com.

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