The September, 2006 Edition of the Valley Patriot

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Something BIG is Happening in Lawrence




Page 1 & 2

Hanna Interviews Kerry Healey
Tom Duggan


Who was Disingenuous?

Eldon Berthiaume
Part I
Valley Patriot of the Month

Eldon Berthiaume Part II
Valley Patriot of the Month

Fauxtography: Media Scandal
Michelle Malkin

The War On Terror
A Game?
Dr. Chuck


Tom Duggan's Notebook

Councilors Change Tune
on Vacant Lot

American Hero
Mike Sweeney
City of Lawrence
Planning Director

New Water Treatement Plant
Lawrence on the Move
Mayor Mike Sullivan

North Andover

Everything is Fine in
Mayberry R.F.D.

Ted Tripp

Taste of North Andover
to benefit Senior Center

Al Perry's Sneak Attack &
Dr. Chuck's Response


Innovation Valley Blog Kickoff

Artizan Nominated for Award

Monarch on the Merrimack
Spreads Its Wings


Chaos on the Council
Costs City Thousands

ETC Developers Claim Mt. Vernon
Neighborhood Knew
About Sacred Heart Low
Income Project, Object
to Valley Patriot calling

their project a "ghetto"

Thomson PTO President
Responds to Citizen Letter

Thomson School Parent
Responds to Letter in
N. Andover Citizen


Veterans' Services Director
Seeks to Replace Broadhurst

Linda Dean Campbell
Endorsed by Sierra CLub

School Dept. Wastes
Taxpayers Money
Joe Leone

Point-Counter Point
Pro-Lawnmower Ordinance
Bob Andrew
Against Lanwmower Ordinance
Debbie Quinn

An Open Letter to the Gr.
Lawrence Tech Board
Kathleen Rahme

Join Our Team to
Improve America
Ken Willette


Mayor Fiorentini's Newsletter

Society of Dowsers
Mark Palermo

MCAS Scandal is a Disgrace
Jim Rurak

Ship Haverhill on Crash Course
Scott Wood

Seniors, Kids & Education

The American Legion
Has a Well Kept Secret
John Lenotte

Senior Moments
with Jim Cassidy









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