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Tom Duggan has worked as a columnist and reporter for The North Andover Citizen, Massachusetts News, Rumbo News and is now the president and editor of The Valley Patriot. He recently recieved an award for General News Excellence from the New England Press Association for his front page news story about The National Red Cross and how they mistreated Lawrence and Methuen residents during the May 2006 floods that ravaged the Merrimack Valley for more than ten days. NEPA AWARD WINNING NEWS STORY>>Red Cross Nightmare Duggan served on the Lawrence School Committee from 1996 to 1999. He is currently the host Paying Attention! a weekly talk radio program on WCAP in Lowell, worked as a producer for 96.9 FM talk, hosted Paying Attention! a daily talk radio program on WCCM , was the morning co-host of Coffee with Carter on WTTT (Boston), and as the overnight host on WEZE (Boston). Duggan was the political director of Mass Citizens Alliance organizing a statewide effort to gather hundreds of thousands of signatures to put gay marriage on the ballot before Massachusetts voters. As a public speaker he has addressed hundreds of schools, churches, neighborhood and political organizations and has been a political consultant for more than 20 years. To book Tom for a speaking engagement email him here:

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September '07September '07    
September '07    
September '07    

September '07

  Ethics Charges Made Against Councilor DiMarca

Tom Duggan's Notebook
August '07  

Newburport Police Officers Finally Honored

Tom Duggan's Notebook

July '07  

Laboy: Race Politics is Ruining Lawrence

Tom Duggan's Notebook

June '07  

Who are the Candidates for Congress

Tom Duggan's Notebook

May '07  

Council President Drove Me From My Job

Criminals and Cop Haters "Educate" the ACLU

Tom Duggan's Notebook

April '07

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

March '07'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

More Ethics Complaints Against Lawrence Councilor


February '07'

  Audit Shows School Committee Incompetence

Tom Duggan's Notebook

January '07'

  Why Lawrence Should Pay More in Taxes

Tom Duggan's Notebook


December '06'

  Please! Just Shut up and Vote!

November '06'

  Admit it... You Reallly Don't Care

Tom Duggan's Notebook

October '06'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

September '06'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

August '06'

  So Many Qustions so Few Answers

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Councilor Opposes Home for Disabled boy

July '06'

  Actions Speak Louder than Platitudes

June '06'

  Some Hilights and Lowligts of the Flood

June '06'

  Some Hilights and Lowligts of the Flood

Tom Duggan's Notebook

May '06'

  Al Perry Must Resign!

Tom Duggan's Notebook

April '06'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

Mar '06'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

Feb '06'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

Jan '06'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

Jan '06'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

Traffic Cameras in Lawrence


Dec '05'

  The ACLU Grinches Try to Steal Christmas

Nov '05'  > Poverty Pimps: What Lawrence doesn't need

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Election '05'

Former Lawrence Union Head Runs for School Committee

Oct '05'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

Sept '05'

  Tom Duggan's Notebook

August '05'   Tom Duggan's Notebook

Point Counter Point: Morning After Pill

July '05'

  Courtroom Drama Rests with Piscitello Testimony

Laboy/McGovern Covered by Tabloid Trash Media

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Lawrence teen gets First Harry Potter!
Hundreds Crowd Borders For First Harry Potter

June '05'   Willie Lantigua's True Color: GREEN!
Willie Lantigua's racist behavior has gone too far
and it's time somone exposes him for
the hate monger that he is!

    Tom Duggan's Notebook
Harry Harutunian, Bill Kelly, Dan Murphy, Al Perry
Willie Lantigua, Lee balcom, Tennis Lilly, Michael
Sweeney, Mike Sullivan, Barry Finegold, Mayor Fiorentini

    Paying Attention Extra!
Laboy Endorses School
Committeeman Jorge Gonzalez
Lawrence School Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy
joined a host of prominent Lawrence Politicos...

May '05'   Tom Duggan's Notebook
Jimmy Houle, Gun Buyback Program,
Scully for Superintendent, Blanchette out!

April '05' 


Tom Duggan's Election Notebook
Lenny Degnan get's smoked, Diane Huster
just doesn't get it, Lanen vs. Caggiano in 2006...

Feb '05'

  Respectful Leadership or a Backhanded Slap?
In North Andover, Tom Licciardello's campaign
signs include a cute little slogan: "Respectful
Leadership" But what is really behind the message?

Jan. '05'

  Firefighter Heroes


Dec. '04'   The Grinch who stole Christmas is Real

N.A. Superintendent Harry Harutunian would
be wise to scrap the use of calculators in the classroom

Tom Duggan's Notebook

OCT. '04'   It's JUST a News Story

Sept. '04'   Lawrence Charter Needs an "Or Else"

Aug. '04'   Lantigua Crying Racism...Again!

July '04'   Daine Huster Comes Unhinged!

June '04'   Reyes Brings Much Needed Perspective
on Lawrence's Housing Problem

May. '04'

  Education Myths Debunked by Real Life Examples

April '04'   School Committee is All Talk No Action

Mar. '04'   Devers Has it Right - More Speech is Always Better

Tom Duggan's Notebook

Complete Coverage of the Cox Scandal


  Lawrence Officials Sworn in Tonight


  Devers Opts Out of Council Presidency


  Lowell's Deseg. Plan Raises More Questions About
the Myths of Education Standards

12/03   The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is Real


  Andover Town Manager Livid That We Got The Story!

12/03   More Education Myths Debunked by Real Life Examples
Andover Schools Show no Need for Minimum Hours in Class

12/03   Andover Taxpayers Ready to File Suit over Teacher Benefits

12/03   Lawrence Road Conditions a Disaster!

11/03   Holy Rosary Project Rejected By City Council

11/03   Our School Committee Disgrace

11/03   Some things to Give Thanks for This Thanksgiving

11/03   Missing Ballots Cause Recount Confusion

11/03   Why do they Hate You so Much Mr. President?
Yesterday, a smart ass reporter asked the president why leftist
protesters hate him so much. Here's what he should have said....

11/03   Alvarez, Marasco get early start on
2005 campaign for State Rep.


  Some Common Sense Thoughts on Gay

11/03   Marcos Devers Apologizes for Kolofoles Remark
Council President Marcos Devers has publicly apologized
three times for a comment he made on Spanish Radio
about Councilor Nick Kolofoles

11/03   Move Afoot to Unseat Devers
...Can You Say President Blanchette??
According to some current and soon-to-be City Councilors
there's a move afoot to elect Councilor Patrick Blanchette as
the next Council President in January.
11/03   Ban Circuses In Lawrence A Liberal Cause Worth Fighting For

10/03   Ramos has it Right, New School Committee Must
Remove Superintendent from the table

    DiMarca Calls for Recount
Lawrence City Councilor Nunzio DiMarca took out recount papers
yesterday after losing by 53 votes to Israel Reyes Tuesday.

    Why Nick Kolofoles Deserves Your Vote on the Hill  

    Airport Manager's Name Forged on Reyes Campaign Ad

10/30/03   Most Candidates Don't Disclose Finances

It's Time for US to TAKE OVER!"
What's behind the movement to "Vote only Latino?" All you have
to do is listen to the Spanish Language Media-"We have a chance
to take over this city and put out the anglos..."

    DiMarca Calls "VOTE ONLY LATINO" Campaign "Racist"

A campaign promoting the idea that all Latinos should only vote for
Latino candidates is clearly racist and the White voters in Lawrence
should take notice

    Why Todd Woekel Can't Win in Methuen


  Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy Turning Lemons into Lemonade

    It's DiMarca Vs. Reyes for At Large Spot

    District "F" Councilor Marie Gosselin
Submits Campaign Finances

    Michael Fielding's $1,561.00

10/10/03   Reyes Lobbied Planning Board for Contributors
As a member of the Planning Board, At Large Candidate Isreal Reyes
lobbied for business owners who contributed to his campaign. He even
tabled an issue for one contributor, & sat on a sub committee to help
him ...


  More Reyes Contributors got Favorable
Treatment on Planning Board
It wasn't just Mr. Steuart and Mr. & Mrs. Robitaille
who contributed to the Reyes Campaign after getting
favorable treatement ...

    Piscitello's Yelling Fit Ends in A Call for Absolute
Power for Superintendent on Out of State Travel

    Sweeney Elected on Write in Votes
Will Return to School Committee in January
NOTE!: A Recount was held Thursday in Lawrence City Hall
for write in candidates in Tuesday's election.



  Blanchette, Vittorioso Emerge Victorious
Why Did the Voters on Prospect Hill Reject One Incumbent
and Overwhelmingly Support the Other? Call it the "LABOY
FACTOR" An Objective Analysis of the District "A" Election


Turnout 15% ...Marcos Devers Tops the Ticket City Wide, Reyes squeaks into
third place over Nunzio DiMarca by 143 votes. Incumbent Noah
Shannon places behind challenger Jim Vittorioso (287-230) for
the school committee and Patrick Blanchette gets a mandate on
Prospect Hill beating Rick Parthum (358-214). Gosselin Numbers below

9/12/03   Israel Reyes Sends out campaign
literature exploiting 911 Tragedy

    Most Candidates Refuse to Disclose Campaign Finances>Part 1
Shame Shame Shame! Here's a list of who disclosed their campaign finances,
who didn't, and a snapshot of expenses and donations (starting with Israel
Reyes) Actual reports will be scanned and linked by weekend.

9/01/03   A look at the AT-LARGE City Council Race
Who's in? Who's Out? Who is playing Power Broker?
And What does this mean for the Future of Lawrencec

    Campaign Finances At Large Candidate Joe Parolisi
A Breakdown of At Large Candidate, Joe Parolisi's Campaign Finances
Some minor oddities of note on Parolisi Report

    Breakdown of District "F" Challenger,
Michael Fielding's Campaign Finances
Of the four candidates running in District "F" (South Lawrence East)
only Michael Fielding disclosed his campaign's

    Sweeney Discloses Finances

    Bread and Roses Festival Provides Great
Opportunity to Debunk Socialism

    Reyes to Run At Large
Planning Board member, Israel Reyes, the twice failed
candidate for District "D" City Council (and failed candidate
for State Rep. against Jose Santiago) is expected to
announce his candidacy for City Council again on Saturday morning.


Reyes Makes it Official
Short on Issues, Reyes says Campaign is about "life experience"


  National, State Buzz About Laboy Misses the Mark
The state and national media has seized upon Superintendent
Wilfredo Laboy'sfailure to pass a basic English proficiency test.
As usual they missed the real story.


  Can Council President Devers
Overcome his Image as a pushover?
Struggling with an unfair image, Councilor Devers
faces a tough reelection campaign. Is he the
pushover his detractors make him out to be? -T.D.


  We'll Laugh... We'll Cry... and We'll Owe it All to GREG
To political junkies like myself, having Greg Hyatt in a hotly contested
election is better than coffee ice cream, cheese Cake and Christmas
Morning all rolled into one! Strap yourself in for a ride into the mind
and campaign of Greg Hyatt.
07/08/03   Councilors Fuming Over Trash Pile Up
Lawrence Councilors Upset over Piles of Trash littering City Streets

    OK, OK, The Notebook is Back!

    Police Suspect Attempted Arson of Cox Property
Teens found with Gas Cans in Cox building, now why do you think THAT is?
Related Stories:
Complete Coverage of the Cox Property Scandal

06/10/03   The Truth about Julia Silverio and Race Baiting in Lawrence

    Council Should Hold Strong Against Water Bond
Councilor Nick Kolofoles says that the Water Bonding Issue
is like Pearl Harbor and the sneak attack of
privatization is coming! He is right, of course and if we learned
anything at all from the Weatherbee School debacle it is not
to fund ANYTHING until all stipulations are in writing and enforceable!

    Communism Rears it's Ugly Head in Masachusetts

    Voter ID Expected to Pass Council
National Law Passes Congress, Lawrence
Could be a National Model

    FINALLY! WWII Veterans Memorial Stadium Will Be Renovated!
Sullivan to Bond 4.2 Million Renovation Project

05/23/03   Paying Attention! Exclusive
McCarthy Announces he Will Run Against Meehan in 2004

05/21/03   Colon Found Not Guilty on All Counts!
City is Out Quarter of Million in Bogus Settlement
Mayor Sulllivan Must Fire Peter Slipp Immediately

05/19/03   Council to Hold Public Hearing on Voter ID
Rep. Lantigua seen as only obstacle to passage
in House; Jose Santiago supports Voter ID 100%

    Tom Duggan's Notebook
Parolisi, School Nazis, Illegal Aliens, Willie Lantigua

05/11/03   Will Jajuga's Free Needle Stance Hurt him in Haverhill

    Chris Cox Should get the Message
JUST go AWAY -and Please Take Peter Slipp with you!
Mayor Mike Sullivan May cherish the efforts of Christopher
Cox because it will mean more ribbon cutting ceremonies,
but Cox Has Worn out his Welcome in Lawrence. -T.D.

    Planning Board Rejects Chris Cox
They Reject plan for 24 Unit Housing Development on Park St.


  Free Speech Curtailed Under Sullivan
The proof is astounding! Under Mike Sullivan's
leadership, free Speech has taken a beating!


  City Gives Santa(Cox) More Than
Half a Million for Two Projects Alone


  It's Not About Me It's About Chris Cox & Mike Sullivan
Those who are outraged by the Actions of Mayor Sullivan
can make a big difference by getting involved and
continuing to ask questions about Chris Cox and his
relationship to the Sullivan Administration!

    Lawrence City Councilor Mike Sweeney quits
WCCM's "Sweet Spot" in protest of Duggan Firing,
Less than 24 hours after Mayor Mike Sullivan had
Tom Duggan fired from WCCM for exposing the Chris
Cox scandal, Sweeney resigns telling station ower
Pat Costa, " allow an elected official, Mayor
Sullivan, to have the ability to censor what is on
your station and to get employees on the station
fired is not tolerable..."

    In the NOTEBOOK: 04-20-03
Updates: Mary Kate Small arrested, Barbara
Gonzalez on rent control, Chris Cox is Jesus
Christ, Why Are You So FAT? and Mike Sullivan
gives up his radio gig

04/23/03   Chaos Benefits the Corrupt and the Corruptible
Wanted: Long term vision and a Master Plan

Why does Lawrence need more low income housing?
Because the politicians say we do. But wouldn't a
master plan for controlled growth be a better idea?

04/20/03   Pedro Arce to Challenge Jorge Gonzales
for District "C" School Committee

04/18/03   Planning Board Member Solicits Councilors for
Embattled Lowell Developer Chris Cox
Lawrence City Councilor Marilda Gosselin did the
right thing by coming forward about a phone call
she received from Planning Board Member Israel
Reyes soliciting support for Chris Cox.

04/14/03   Park St. Developer Chris Cox, So Many Questions,
Mayor Mike Sullivan praised Developer Chris Cox during
his state of the city address a month ago. Cox was hailed
as someone who was going to save the city! Cox reiterated
his support from Mayor Sullivan as he stood before the
planning board Wednesday Night amid questions about
shady business dealings and his relationship with City
Attorney Peter Slipp. Who is this guy and who is he really
working for? Mayor Sullivan should have asked a few basic
questions before vouching for him during his public address!


  Blanchette: "Piscitello a Dinosaur"
Two Officials Spar on WCCM's Morning Show

Piscitello supports spending $53,700 on New York
Trip for School Administrators

    The World Saw the Truth and The World Will Change Forever!
The Fall of Baghdad will go down in history as the inspiration for
Freedom in the Arab world and the beginning of peace in the Middle
East. We are witnessing the rebirth of liberty around the globe and
all it took was for good men to do something.
related story>>
Arab Journalists React to Baghdad's Fall

04/06/03   Don't Teacher Unions "Care About the CHILDREN?"
You would think that teacher union officials would be
thrilled with the idea of an additional teacher at the
Sargent School rather than increasing the class size in
that school. But they aren't.

04/05/03   Lawrence Resident Says Police Violated his Civil Rights
Lawrence resident Robert King was threatened by a
police captain when he tried to express his rights at
the Saint Patrick's Day parade. Abusing civil rights is a
pattern among police superior officers.

    A thoughtful response to those who hide behind
the first amendment while abusing it!
So, exactly what IS Anti America?

    Angel Rivera's hatchet piece (in Spanish)
Angel Rivera

In English
(translated using Google tools)
My good friend Angel Rivera launches a viscous
personal attack against yours truly. Normally, I
would enjoy the publicity but he hasn't got the facts straight!

    Lawrence's Own Suzie Castillo Takes Miss U.S.A Crown! Herald
A 23-year-old Lawrence office manager and model
was crowned Miss USA last night.
Click Here for Bio and Pics of Suzie Castillo!


  Sweeney LEAVES Democrat Party

03/20/03   Sweeney: I may leave Democrat Party
Sweeney told his radio audience he may leave
the party and urged others to leave in protest
as well over Daschle's comments
Daschle under fire for Iraq comments

Staying Alive!
Stadium Committee Rallies to Stop Land Taking

New Stadium Web Site; Your Suggestions Welcome!

    Why I have Had ENOUGH of
Hans Blix, Tennis Lilly and the American Left
Related Stories: >>
The Leftist Movement and their Real Motivation!
Related Stories: >>
Marxist Peaceniks Exposed

03/13/03   Councilor DiMarca To Seek 2nd Term
With Planning Board member Israel Reyes
already in the At-Large Race, incumbent
Nunzio DiMarca gets an early start raising funds

03/17/03   Danny Valcourt Makes Surprise
Announcement at DiMarca Event
Danny Valcourt, announced his candidacy for District "F"
Councilor at Nunzio DiMarca's announcement
party Friday night. So far, he will face
incumbent Councilor Marie Gosselin and Jim Stokes.

03/05/03   Israel Reyes to Announce Candidacy for Council
Well, it was bound to happen. He ran for district
council on Tower Hill a few times, and challenged
State Rep Jose Santiago in 2000. He hasn't won
yet but this could be his year. Now on the planning
board, he is well entrenched in a few local issues
you should know about...

03/05/03   Dr. Chuck Ormsby Emerges Victorious
Mild mannered Dr. Chuck Ormsby secured
a seat on the North Andover School Committee
last night despite one of the most viscious,
negative campaigns any candidate has had
to endure at the local level.

03/03/03   Dirty Tricks, Illegal Fliers, Suspicious
Endorsements in NA School Race
Forces desperate to preserve the status
quo spending of the North Andover School
Committee are circulating an illegal flier about
one candidate, while endorsing status quo
candidates Murphy and Huster in another.


  A Tax By Any Other Name is Still A Tax
Vote NO on Trash Fees in NA!


  Should Council take a stand on U.S. Action with anti-war resolution?
According to Council President Devers say
s he would support a resolution opposing the US, maybe the Council
should worry a little more about doing their
own job instead of making statements they know nothing about.

    Marocs Devers Announces His Campaign for Reelection!
transcript of the Devers Speech

02/19/03   If the Shoe Fits
They say they don't like being called "School
Nazis" but, what do you call a group of people
who try to censor free speech with threats and

02/16/03   Lantigua Has it Wrong: Spend the Money Where
it is Most Effective, Charter Schools
It only makes sense to spend money where it does
the most good and cut from public schools which
cost more and educate LESS

02/16/03   Criticism of Speech Should be Taken Seriously
But Let's Recognize What is going RIGHT!
Mayor Sullivan might be an unrealistic optimist
but there was good in this speech too...

02/11/03   Wendy Wakewman Under Attack>>>
In an attempt to damage Wakeman's credibility
and once again rewrite history, Diane Huster and
her storm troopers hurled bogus accusations and
disrupted last nights board meeting. Proving once
again with their bad behavior that they are exactly
what I call them....'School Nazis'!

02/10/03   Selectman Wendy Wakeman Exposes School Committee Lies
A more than candid interview with Wendy Wakeman, North
Andover Selectman. Her thoughts on the School Committee,
Dr. Allen and that group I lovingly call the "School Nazis"

01/29/03   Maybe Now the Superintendent Will Consider
Putting Third Shift Security Guards back in Schools
A Lawrence High janitor who worked third shift
was arrested for stealing $12,000 worth of
school computers. Maybe a security guard could
have avoided this theft?

02/19/03   Supt. Wilfredo Laboys' Compulsive Obsessision for Control And How
it Affects our Schools
He refuses to give public information to the public. He has ordered
employees not to talk to the press. He brokered a secret settlement
with an alleged rape victim and refuses to allow police in the schools.
Is he hiding something or is he just ....

01/19/03   AHHH That Beautiful Blue Screen!
Two weeks ago the public was promised that
the government access channel (channel 22)
would be fully functional. Then again, we were
promised better service over a year ago.

01/19/03   Dan Murphey Struggles to Survive!
Outgoing (with any luck) North Andover School
Committeeman Dan Murphey has a lot to say these
day. Given his track record for misleading the public
shouldn't he just go quietly into the sunset?

01/06/03   A Secret Settlement Clouded in Ethical Questions
With no conviction of the accused guard, city officials
have secretly settled the lawsuit with the so-called
victims for $250,000. But, that's not the only thing city
officials were hiding regarding this case. In fact, the
inappropriate behavior of city officials goes much deeper
than simply keeping the settlement itself a secret.

01/05/03   The Lawrence Tax Mess >
It doesn't really matter who is to blame,
what we must figure out now is how to solve the problem.

02/19/03   Council Seeks Injunction to Stop Stadium Funds
from Being Funneled to a Private Developer

02/19/03   Stadium Commission Abolished
The City Council voted to abolosh the Lawrence
Stadium Commission to make sure no more back
room deals will be made.

The Lawrence Teachers Union is at it again.
And while we are on the subject, maybe it's
time to look at the role of unions in our failed
education system!

02/19/03   Where are the Bleeding Hearts Now?
Eight-Year-Old Duncan McCrillis may die of cancer
because his HMO is denying him life saving treatment.
Where are all the liberals who say they want to save
lives by banning cell phones and forcing us to wear seat belts?

    The Council President has Lost Control!
When Councilors Nilka Alvarez and Julia Silverio
began swearing and insulting each other during
a public meeting, the Council President did little
to prevent or stop it.

    Find the Money for CLVS Investigation

    Investigation? What Investigation?
Serious allegations have been made against
David Howshan, the director of the Lawrence
Vocational School. We keep hearing that an
investigation is being conducted to find out if
he stole money, abused his position or he is just
the victim of disgruntled employees. To date, there
is no investigation. What gives?

    Casino Controversy Already Lacks Common Sense
There are no specific details prving that a gambling
casino would hurt th city of Lawrence. We have to
explore all our possibilities.

    Conflict of Interest Abound on CDBG Selection Board
At least three people chosen by Mayor Sullivan to sit
on the committee dishing out CDBG grants could be
recipients of that money. Conflict of interest? You bet!

    Rumbo Column Results in Fine for Gosselin
The Trib can try to take credit but we broke
the story and now Councilor Gosselin issues a
public apology.

    Fix It NOW!
We have been hearing the promises for years.
The Veterans Memorial Stadium must be fixed
and fixed now.


Scare Tactics for override must be Rejeced
The Superintendent of Schools is saying that he will
NEED to lay off teachers if the current override
proposal is not passed. Here is the truth!

    WOW! Voters Speak on Tax Override!
18 year incumbant Diane Huster was bounced
by the voters because she mislead them about
school spending. But how did they know the truth?
Thank Ralph Wilber!

    The Definition of Racism?
When Mario Van Camper called me a racist on
WCCM last week it was a perfect opportunity to
talk about how false charges of racism are used to
strong arm people. He couldn't give one example of
anything I have said or done that was racist.

    Some Suggestions on Mayor Sullivan's New Budget!
His first budget is going to be a foundation for his entire
term of office. Here are some suggestions on what the
budget should include.

    Just Where Are Those Computers Going, Anyway?
When the Mayor said city computers were going to Lawrence
Community Works, he wasn't telling the whole story.


Laboy: Only One Act of Vandalism Since Security Cut
Rumbo Finds At Least 20!

When Superintendent Laboy told the public that only one act
of vandalism had occurred in the schools since he cut security
on third shift, he wasn't exactly being honest. Take a look at the
list of incident reports filed by his security officers.


Lot Size and Race
The issue of changing the lot size requirements for building
new homes is on the City Council agenda March 5th. Some
people are making this an issue about race.


Smoking Ban is an Affront to Our Liberties
Can you say CHOICE?

If you don't like to dine where smoking is
allowed you have every right to leave.


Lawyer may challenge Torrisi in fall
It's not often I post Tribune Stories but this one
must be seen. Read what Dave said to the Tribune
in response to a possible opponant...


Valley Lawmakers Oppose Tax Break For Elderly
State Reps. Dave Torrisi, Jose Santiago and Barry
Finegold all voted against a tax cut for the elderly.
Shame! Shame! Shame!


  The Rush to Cry Racism
Some in the Hispanic commuity are calling for the
removal of a school teacher claiming she made a
"racist" remark. When is THIS silliness goig to end?



Piscitello Wants Answers!Laboy Refuses Her Access to Public Information

You know things are really starting to go wrong around here when I start
praising Suzanne Piscitello. But that's what I am about to do and it's all
because of Superintendent Laboy's consistent show of disrespect for the
public, the press and members of the School Committee.


  Laboy to Board Member "Who Do You Think You Are?" Here's the Answer!

School Committeeman Noah Shannon is taking his time signing the
school department bills. And Superintendent Laboy is doing what he pleases, as usual!



The Lost Boys and What We Can Learn

When I first heard about the "Lost Boys of Sudan" I was both fascinated by the
struggle of these young children and depressed that this has happened in modern times.


The Definition of Racism?

When Mario Van Camper called me a racist on WCCM last week it was a perfect
opportunity to talk about how false charges of racism are used to strong arm people.
He couldn't give one example of anything I have said or done that was racist. He just
couldn't back up his claim and he doesn't think he needs to. He believes that he gets to
make race accusations and everyone is just supposed to back him up because he is
Hispanic. Saddle up boys, you're in for a fight if you think race baiting is going to be
telerated by me any longer.



Some Suggestions on Mayor Sullivan's New Budget!

His first budget is going to be a foundation for his entire term of office. Here are
some suggestions on what the budget should include.



Just Where Are Those Computers Going, Anyway?

When the Mayor said city computers were going to Lawrence Community
Works, he wasn't telling the whole story.

    Laboy: Only One Act of Vandalism Since Security Cut
Rumbo Finds At Least 20!

When Superintendent Laboy told the public that only one act of vandalism had occurred
in the schools since he cut security on third shift, he wasn't exactly being honest.
Take a look at the list of incident reports filed by his security officers.

Lot Size and Race

The issue of changing the lot size requirements for building new homes is on the City
Council agenda March 5th. Some people are making this an issue about race.


Smoking Ban is an Affront to Our Liberties
Can you say CHOICE?

If you don't like to dine where smoking is allowed you have every right to leave.


Cardinal Law is Hurting the Catholic Church

The church is attacking those who are calling for Law's resignation saying
they are the "enemies of the church."


Valley Lawmakers Oppose Tax Break For Elderly

State Reps. Dave Torrisi, Jose Santiago and Barry Finegold all voted against a tax cut
for the elderly. Shame! Shame! Shame!

2/01/02   The Democrats Should Look in the Mirror
The Democrats held a breakfast in North Andover last week. According to them,
Republicans don't care about children, the elderly or cancer victims.

January   North Andover High May Eliminate Class Ranking
This could lead to the perfect system!


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