The 2005 Special Election Edition of the Valley Patriot
Due to the increasing size of our files we had to upload the paper in sections



Pages 1-7
Lead Story:
Who Will Lead Lawrence?
Methuen's Future is in Your Hands:
Methuen Mayor Sharon Pollard
Sample Ballots for Methuen and Lawrence
Former Lawrence Union Head running
for School Board in Methuen
Polling Locations in Lawrence & Methuen
Hanna Interviews Manzi & Bahan
East End Council Race in Methuen
Central District Council Race in Methuen

Pages 8-13
West End Council Race in Methuen
At Large Race in Methuen
Methuen School Committee Race
Marcoux Continued from Page 1
Mayor Pollard Continued
On The Campaign Trail in Methuen

Pages 14-19,
Mike Sullivan for Mayor
Jorge Gonzalez for City Council
Who will lead Lawrence Continued
Council President Looks Ahead
District "B" Council Race in Lawrence
Gonzalez v Gonzalez District "C"
Tower Hil Council Race
Marcos Devers for Mayor

Pages 20-25
South Lawrence Council Races
Hanna Interviews Sullivan and Devers
Councilor at-Large Race in Lawrence
Little Interest in School Board Races
McGovern & Larocque

Pages 26-28
Sorting Out Endorsements
On the Campaign Trail in Lawrence