The October 2005 Edition of The Valley Patriot
Due to the increasing size of our files we had to upload the paper in sections



Pages 1-7

Lead Story:
Parents to Lose Welfare
When Kids Skip School
Valley Patriot of the Month
Health Plans for Small Businesses
Editorial: What the Primary Numbers Really Mean
Letters to the Editor
Thinking Outside the Box: Gouging
Mayor Fiorentini's Monthly Newsletter
Haverhill's Future: Former Mayor Jim Rurak
Random Thoughts: Mark Palermo
Welfare Continued from Page 1
Mike Sullivan for Mayor

Pages 8-13

Angel Rivera: Celebrating Democracy
Esperanza Academy
Real Leadership Needed in
Lawrence Mayor's Office
Tom Duggan's Notebook
Tech Student Finally Earns Diploma
Lawrence on the Move: Mike Sullivan

Pages 14-19

No Love, No Power in Lawrence Mayors Race:
Mike Sweeney
Letter from Mark Gray
It's Time I Set the Record Straight: Jim Hoole
Middle pages in Color
Jorge Gonzalez for City Council
Ken Willette: Why I'm Ranning At-Large
Kathleen Rahme: Neighborhood Associations

Pages 20-25

My Mayoral Agenda for Methuen: Bill Manzi
Hanna Interviews Ellen Bahan
Raise 'Em Right: Barbara Peary
Book Keepers Corner
Tech Students Honored
Feds Say N.A. Schools Failing
MCAS Scores in Lawrence Show Improvement

Pages 26-32
Valley Patriot of the Month Continued
Protesters vs. Patriotism: Jim Cassidy
Reflections of Elections Past: Regina Faticante
The Communist Holocaust Museum
A Tax Cut Parable: Ted Tripp
Damnable Pork
Valley Patriot Locations