The May 2005 Edition of the Valley Patriot
Due to the increasing size of our files we had to upload the paper in sections

Pages 1-5

Property Auction a Big Success
Let's Join Our Heroes as They Gather
Patriot of the Month: Ted Cole
State Rep Jones: Stem Cells
Dr. Ormsby Tribal Warfare
Mike Sullivan: It's an Election Year
Mayors Cheap Shots a Disservice
to City: Marcos Devers

Breaking the Law: Pat Blanchette
Paying Attention!

Pages 6-10

Dan Lanen: The Gorilla That
Ate North Andover,

Power to the People
Ralph Wilbu:r If You Can't Make
History Try Re-Writing It
Raise 'Em Right
Book Keepers Corner
Hanna Interviews Haverhill
Mayor Jim Fiorentini

Pages 11-15

Haverhill's Downtown
Parking Problems
Random Thoughts: Palermo
Senior Moments: Jim Cassidy
Patriot of the Month Continued

Pages 16-20

For Your Future: Bill Manzi
Kathleen Rahme: Join the Club
John Stossel: the Right
Not to Employ You
The Old Fullback: Pleshaw
Valley Patriot Locations