The June 2005 Edition of the Valley Patriot
Due to the increasing size of our files we had to upload the paper in sections
Laboy Endorses School Committeeman Jorge Gonzalez
Paying Attention! Extra



Pages 1-5

Targeting and Racism! Roger -
Patriots of the Month: Boddy Brothers
Twomey Answers Allegations
* Editorial,Another Shutout
There is no room in Lawrence
for this Racist Poison!
In Praise of Police: Michelle Malkin,
Dr. Ormsby: Government Run Amok
Roger Twomey Continued
Paying Attention: Lantigua's True Color: Green

Pages 6-10

Local 125 endorses Carlos Matos
for Mayor of Lawrence

Mayor Mike Sullivan's Column
District "F" (& Lawrence) Deserve Better
Tom Duggan's Notebook
Ted Tripp: More is Never Enough
Bill Kelly: My first 2 Months in Office

Pages 11-15

Haverhill News - Jim Rurak on Bill Micheson
Palermo: Random Thoughts
Middle Pages in Color
Raise 'Em Right
Book Keppers Corner
Sandra Stotsky:Fuzzy Math
Hanna Interviews Senator Steve Badour

Pages 16-20

Bill Manzi: The Property Tax
Kathleen Corey Rahme
Hanna Continued
Senior Activities
Pleshaw: Fear & Loath No More
Sowell: Liberals Race and History
Crossword Puzzle
Senior Activities
Senior Moments with Jim Cassidy
Valley Patriot of the Month Continued

Pages 21-24

National Voices
Paul Murano: Can Anyone Beat Hillary
Miguel Perez: Most Latinos Don't Live in Barrios