The July 2005 Edition of the Valley Patriot
Due to the increasing size of our files we had to upload the paper in sections



Pages 1-7

Where your state Reps
stand on Illegal Aliens
Haverhill: No Layoffs, No Override
Valley Patriot of the Month
Haverhill: No Layoffs
First Flags Then Books
America, Defending Muslims,
Dr. Ormsby: Beware of Consensus
Increase Min. Wage
Would be a Disaster

Public Access to Budget:
Marcos Devers

Tom Duggan's Notebook
Lawrence on the Move:Mike Sullivan
Keeping Lawrence Free from Litter
Tech Students Honored

Pages 8-13

Tom Duggan's Notebook Cont.
Soccer Field Proposed for Stadium Project
Raise 'Em Right
Book Keepers Corner
Ethno Mathematics
Hanna Interviews Marcos Devers
Greater Lawrence Takes First
Place Among 48 State Winner Teams

Middle Pages Color

Pages 14-19

Milton Friedman: Free to Choose
Ted Tripp: Take My Land, Please!
Ralph Wilbur
Take My Land, Please!
Fiorentini Continued
Palermo Random Thoughts
Kethleen Rahme: What's a Few hundred Feet
Hanna Continued
Jim Cassdy: Senior Moments
Myths about Vietnam
Valley Patriot of the Month Continued

Pages 20-24

Miguel Perez: In Support of Cafta
Prager: Amnesty International and Moral Idiocy
Malkin: Namby Pamby Nation
Hispanic Week 2005 Pictures