The January 2006 Edition of the Valley Patriot
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153 Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty in 2005
Craig Floyd

YWCA of Gr. Lawrence Raises Awareness for Cervical Cancer
Vilma Lora

Valley Patriot of the Month
Hero in Our Midst
William Callahan

Valley Patriot January Editorial
Terrorism & The Seditious Media

Tom Duggan's Notebook

City Remembers Lawrence Police Officer Kevin Callahan

An Open Leter to Mike Sullivan
On Appointed School Committees
Peter Larocque

Traffic Cameras in Lawrence
Paying Attention!

A New Start: Project SCOPE
Wilfredo Laboy
Lawrence Superintendent of Schools

What I Want for a Happy New Year in North Andover
Ted Tripp, N. Andover Taxpayers Association

Rough & Tumble World of Lowell Politics
Regina Faticanti, Lowell School Committee

Random Thoughts
Mark Palermo

Haverhill Moving Forward
Mayor Jim Fiorentini 

Mayor Fiorentini's 2005 Year End Report

Jim Rurak, Former Mayor of Haverhill

Education Stamps
Dr. Charles Ormsby

Book Keepers Corner
46 Pages:Thomas Paine

Melanie's Bill: The GOP's Finest Hour
Ben Kilgore

Senior Moments
A Tribute to the American Soldier
Jim Cassidy

Another Year of Strong Growth
Beacon Hill Institute

Moving Forward - The Pollard Years
Methuen Councilor Kathleen Corey Rahme

Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi's
Inaugural Address

A New Day Has Come for Methuen
D.J. Beauregard  

Snake Oil Salesmen Defend Illegal Aliens
A. Robert Casimiro

Finegold To Run For Reelection
Hanna Interviews Barry Finegold

Sullivan and Healey Will Make a Great Team
Paula Porten

It's Time for a Conversation About
Making Essex St. Two Ways

Grisel Silva,

Raise 'Em Right
Barbara Peary