January 2005 Edition of The Valley Patriot
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Stories Posted Individually

Sex Drugs and Videos
Valley Patriot of the Month
Editorial: Drug, Competency
Testing Long Overdue
Kathleen Rahme: The Greatest Gift
Dr. Ormsby: IT'S INSANE!!
Firefighter Heroes
Craig Floyd: 2004 Police Deaths
The Trend is your Friend: Phil Galagher
Haverhill's Future
Prager: Blue America:
Land of Easily Offended
Book Keepers Corner
Raise 'Em Right
Hanna's Education Corner
Mike Adams: Life Difficulty Grading Scale
Middle Pages in Color
Random Thoughts: Palermo
Tripp: A little Poison May be Good For You
Senior Activities
Oliver North: No More Heroes?
Cassidy: It's The Little Things That Count
N.A. Asks Taxpayers for 8.2 Milion Police Station
Tom Duggan's Notebook!
Good Night, Good Morning, Good Bye