The June 2006 Edition of the Valley Patriot

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Something BIG is Happening in Lawrence

Flood Pictures (pages 14 & 15)



Page 1 & 2


Valley Patriots of the Month

So You Say you Support the Troops?

Paid Family Leave Act is Bad or MASS
DJ Deeb, Dracut School Committee

CERT Team on Front Lines
During Devestating Flood


Some Hilights and Lowligts of the Flood
Paying Attention

When Ordinary Citizens Became Heroes
Mike Sweeney
City of Lawrence Planning Director

Lawrence Public Library
Gets Needed Makeover
Lawrence Mayor Mike Sullivan

Tom Duggan's Notebook

North Andover

North Andover Schools
- Dejavu All Over Again
Tedd Tripp

Specious Education
(AKA Special Education)
Dr. Chuck Ormsby


It's Bean Counting Time Again
Innovation Valley


The 2006 Hispanic Week Dinner
At the Wyndham

City Council Sub Committee
Circus Delays NECCO Plan

Councilors Approve
$20 Million College Project

The Rededication Ceremony
Lawrence's Veterans

Memorial Stadium


Haverhill Awards Brownsfield
Grant to Emmaus Inc., to
Develop Housing for the Homeless

Haverhill Mayor Jim Fiorentini's
Monthly Newsletter

Random Thoughts
NECC Professor Mark Palermo

Should we Teach Intellignt Design??
Former Haverhill Mayor Jim Rurak

Mayor Announces Canadian
Prescription Drug Mail Order
Program for City Employees


Mayor Manzi's Newsletter

Former Prosecutor
Runs for State Rep.

Tom Duggan

Methuen to Hire Disabilities
Access Coordinator
Kathleen Rahme

Luther McIlwain Honored

Seniors, Kids & Education

Valley Patriot Contributor
Sandra Stotsky Named to

National Mathematics Advisory Panel

Education Secretary Margaret
Spellings Names Members
of National Mathematics
Advisory Panel

Raise 'Em Right
Barbara Peary

Book Keepers Corner

A Tribute to a Special Lady
Senior Moments with Jim Cassidy
Ted Tripp/Guest Columnist