The February 2006 Edition of the Valley Patriot
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Stories Posted Individually Below

What Does Your Fifth Grader
Know About AIDS?
Paula Porten

Valley Patriot of the Month
Don & Linda Campbell

Valley Patriot Editorials
Hooray Hamas Won!
Assumptions & Intimidation

Innovation Valley
A Showcase for Innovation
in the Merrimack Valley

Cardiovascular Disease
# 1 Killer in America!
Vilma Lora, Greater Lawrence YWCA

North Andover

Inspector Clouseau Comes to North Andover
  The Roving Reporter  

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Dr. Chuck Ormsby

Beacon Hill Follies Ignore State's
Intrinsic Problems
Ted Tripp

Yellow Roses and Friendship
Jim Cassidy  


Fight the Bullies of Islam!
Michelle Malkin

Haleigh's Story
Tony Snow - Fox News

Myth: Schools Don't Have Enough Money
John Stossel - ABC's 20/20

Big Government is bigger than you think
Carla Howell

Police Group Urges Parents to
Boycott Violent Video Game  


Tom Duggan's Notebook

You Owe - You Pay!
Tax Delinquents will not be Tolerated!
Grisel Silva, Lawrence City Councilor

Planning for the Future
Michael R. Sweeney
Planning Director for the city of Lawrence


Haverhill Mayor Jim
Fiorentini's Monthly Newsletter

Collision in Haverhill
Jim Rurak

Random Thoughts
Mark Palermo


The Audit
Kathleen Corey Rahme

A Day at the Statehouse
DJ Beauregard


Hanna Interviews
N. Andover Superintendent
Harry Harutunian

Whose Literacy is Declining
New Frontiers for Classroom Research
Sandra Stotsky,
Special to the Valley Patriot

Raise 'Em Right
Barbara Peary

Book Keepers Corner  
John Paul Jones