February 2005 Edition of The Valley Patriot
Due to the increasing size of our files we had to upload the paper in sections



Pages 1-5

H Y P O C R I S Y!: Lawrence City
Council Rejects Qualified Applicant
Patriot of the Month Sy Uliano
Editorial: Drug Testing Should Be Mandatory
Iraqi's Shame Democrat Elites
Dr. Ormsby: Social Security The Big Lie
Paying Attention: Respectful
Leadership or a Backhanded Slap?
Taking Responsibility: Mike Sullivan
Hypocrisy: Continued

Pages 6-10

Desmarais: Haverhill You'll Be Surprised
Rurak: Haverhill's Future
What Happened to Public Education: Bill Kelly
McGuire: Improved Academics
Doesn't Require More Money
Seeing Another Term: Wendy Wakeman
Lanen: Common Sense Spending
Needed in North Andover
Raise 'Em Right
Prager: No Room for Truth
in American Universities
Book Keepers Corner
Hanna Interviews N. Andover
Town Manager Mark Rees
Fuzzy Math in North Andover

Pages 11-15

The Good Old Days: Kathleen Rahme
Random Thoughts
Ted Tripp: Top 10 Reasons
to Vote No on Override
Judge Defends Light Sentence

Pages 16-20

Philosophy of Life: Jim Cassidy
Patriot of the Month Cont.
Senior Activities
A Salute to the USS Abraham Lincoln
Murano: What is Love?
Jackie Mason: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished