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October '08 Socialist Meltdown  
September '08 Every Day is 9-12  

August '08

Hidden Agenda The Demorats secretly want high gas prices


July '08

Grisel Silva Should Resign

Its Time For Mass to have a "Shall Issue" Firearms Law

June '08  WHo is paying taxes?

It's our liberties stupid


May. '08

Obama Wants Change ... to What?


April. '08

We Suggest Nearly Perfect


Mar. '08'

Methuen Police Did the Work


Feb. '08'

Real Heroes in the Valley truly deserve our Support


Jan. '08'



Dec. '07

Democracy in Pakistan  

Nov. '07

Governor Patrick Thanks Police  

Oct. '07

Election Season  
Sept '07 Sullivan Shows Class

Aug '07 Thank You J.K. Rowling

July '07 Talk Radio: Congress Shall Make No Law


May '07 Come Join the Circus

April '07 Police Details Needed?

Mar '07 We Miss the Old Blanchette

Feb '07 Lawrence Cabbie is no Criminal


Jan '07'

The Only Thing Wrong With Hanging
Saddam: It was Too Good For Him

People Finally Prevail Over
Cowardly Legislature



Dec. '06'

Methuen Councilors Should Butt Out


Nov. '06'

Call it What it is: Jew Hatred


Oct. '06'

Candidates on Illegal Aliens

The Valley Patriot Hits Milestone


Sept. '06'


Who was Disingenuous?


August '06'

Parent Power in N. Andover

Lebanon, Israel Should be Allies


July '06'

Trash Talk in North Andover

The NY Times and Treason


June '06'

So You Say you Support the Troops?


May '06'

Lawrence Teachers Care More
about Kids than Parents

Yes America is Ready to see Flight 93


April '06'



Mar. '06'

Freedom Deserves More Than Lip Service


Feb. '06'

Hooray Hamas Won!
Assumptions & Intimidation


Jan. '06'

Terrorism & The Seditious Media  



Dec. '05'

It Used to be called Treason


Nov. '05'

Let's Encourage MORE Illegal Immigration


Oct. '05'

What the Primary Numbers Really Mean


Sept. '05'

No More Excuses in Gaza

August '05' Canceling Primaries Protects the Insiders


July '05'

First Flags Then Books


June '05'

Another Shutout! Teachers Union 10
Children and North Andover Taxpayers 0

May '05'

Let's Join Our Heroes as They Gather


April '05'

*Editorial* Cheaper Electric Rates

*Editorial* Pope John Paul II and the Free World

March '05'

Little more than a year ago,
The Valley Patriot was just an idea.


Feb '05'

Public School Drug TestingShould be Mandatory


Jan. '05'

Drug, Competency Testing Long Overdue

Dec. '04' Representative L'Italien Stop Using The Church

Nov. '04' Republicans Must Stand & Deliver

OCT. '04' Senior Centers Open Your Doors!

Sept. '04' No Child Left Behind is Working in Lawrence

Aug. '04' Name Transportation Center for Firefighter McGuire

July '04 To Kerry: Why Not a $20/HourMinimum Wage?

June '04 Fight Terrorists in Iraq -- On Our Terms
OR In America -- On Their Terms

May '04' An Offer to Merrimack Valley Muslims

Wheels of Justice or Wheels of hate


April '04'

Torture at the Hands of the IRS


March '04

Let the Market Dictate Insurance Rates  


All pictures and material are
(C) copyright,
Valley Patriot, Inc., 2008


All pictures and material are
(C) copyright, Valley Patriot, Inc., 2008

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