The August 2005 Edition of the Valley Patriot
Due to the increasing size of our files we had to upload the paper in sections



Pages 1-7

Lead Story:
Help for Rape Victims

Valley Patriot of the Month
Editorial Canceling Primaries
What Lawrence Can Learn from Lowell
Thinking Outside the Box:
Heaven on Earth
Rape Victims Continued
Wilbur: Why Massachusetts is Unaffordable
Sullivan Record Investigated:Marcos Devers
Take Good Look at Lawrence: Pat Blanchette
Vote Your Conscience: Angel Rivera
Lawrence on the Move

Pages 8-13

Tom Duggan's Notebook
Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
The Permitting Process: Kathleen Rahme
Haverhill's Future: Jim Rurak
Random Thoughts
Police Restore Vandalized Memorial

Pages 14-19

Hanna Interviews Carlos Matos
Raise 'Em Right
Educators vs. Students
Singapore math vs. Mediocrity
Book Keeppers Corner
Staying Cool: Jim Cassidy
Valley Patriot Continued

Pages 20-24

Opposing the Morning After Pill
If you are Pro Life Support the Pill
The Left Should Admit -
They Don't Support the Troops
Malking: The FBI must Watch the Left