The April 2005 Edition of the Valley Patriot
Due to the increasing size of our fileswe had to upload the paper in sections



Pages 1-5

Six Principals for New Lawrence High
Patriot of the Month
*Editorial* Cheaper Electric Rates
*Editorial* Pope John Paul II and the Free World
Poll of Us Police Chiefs Released
Limit Democracy Now
Mike Sullivan:
Dirty Politics
Pat Blanchette: Help is on the Way!
Marcos Devers: Lawrence Needs Leadership
Gr. Lawrence Tech Students Honored

Pages 6-10

Paula Porten: Are North Andover Officials
Ted Tripp:
Out of Touch with the Citizens?
Tom Duggan's Election Notebook!
Looking Ahead with Bill Kelly
Jim Rurak: Let's Be Creative
Random Thoughts: Palermo
One Happy Republican...AGAIN!
Rahme: The Methuen City Solicitor
& The Methuen Charter
Ronsivalli: False Propaganda on Fluoride
Middle Page

Pages 11-15

Rasie 'Em Right
Book Keepers Corner
Hanna Interviews Principal Sharkey, Cont.
Cassidy: Many Are Called but Few Answer
When a Nursing Home is the Only Answer
Valley Patriot Continued

Pages 16-20

Malkin: The ACL vs. America
Allyn Auction