The April 2006 Edition of the Valley Patriot

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Something BIG is Happening in Lawrence



Page 1

Harassed Secretary Gets Workers' Comp.
Tom Duggan

Union Head Sues Sullivans
Paula Porten


Tom Duggan's Notebook

Rights... Do we have Any?
Dr. Chuck Ormsby

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Sue Staples


Planning for our Future
Michael R. Sweeney

Lawrence On the Move
Michael Sullivan

North Andover

The Merchants of Spending
Ted Tripp


Mayor Fiorentini's 2006
State of the City Address

Ready, Set, Go Override
Jim Rurak

Random Thoughts
Mark Palermo


Hanna Interviews Methuen
Mayor Bill Manzi

A Day at the Statehouse
Kathleen Corey

Seniors, Education
are Zanni's Focus
Tom Duggan

Seniors, Kids & Education

Nullify No Child Left Behind
DJ Deeb

Valley Patriot of the Month
Luther McIlwain

Ted Tripp

Senior Momens -
Protect our Flag

Jim Cassidy

Raise E'm Right

Innovatoin Valley

Book Keepers Corner

Kids Corner